Monday, 2 August 2010

My Route to Heavy-Metal

This is gonna be my 1st ever Full-English blog post :D
How the heck did I hatch out of pop,
and get into the world of heavy metal ?
I finally decided to write this,
because recently I found the values of being a metalhead
If you don't even bother to know about me .. ALT + F4
If you're interested in ROCK and Heavy-Metal,
You might want to consider reading =)
Cheers ! \m/

Let's start.
Everything started when I was in Form 3.
At that time, I used to like English Pop Songs VERY MUCH.
Bands like Hinder,Hoobastank,Muse,Maroon 5,Jesse Mccartney..
Well..I didn't really like them lol..
But I DID listen to them =)
I was sooo into Pop in a way that ...
I had to update myself every week,
through the introduction of NEW HITS via forums. lol.

everything's changed when I came across MCR :D
Yes...My Chemical Romance...LMAO !
My friend introduced me a song "Welcome To The Black Parade"
I guess everyone knows this song ;)
And then, I ACCIDENTALLY listened to "Helena" on youtube.

"Long ~~ Ago ~~ Just like a hearse you die ..... ~ "

What I thought were ... "NOISY","ANNOYING","SCREAM"
I even criticized them (MCR) together with my friend =.=..
Why the heck people yell when they're actually singing ? lol
I was too mild that I couldn't really accept what's so called "ROCK"
This is because..Before I got into English Pop..
I Listened to sucky Chinese Love Pop Songs -_-
They were soooo soft and mild..
I just couldn't pick up such "heavy" stuff suddenly =S

But then ?
"Helena" became my 2nd favourite of MCR's songs ...
God damn me LOL.
Me, listened to some so-called POP PUNK/PUNK ROCK bands
such as "Simple Plan", "Yellowcard", " Sum 41", "Taking back sunday" .. :D
I even bought some albums of them ! WEEE :D

One day (A very common opening of fairytales)
I..joined a topic in a forum ..
The title was something about ROCK MUSIC.
I was soooo excited that I told them
I like alternative bands like SP YC S41 TBS blah blah..
But what ? No one BOTHERED me LOL ...

came across Marilyn Manson (MM) -_-...

yes..this is the queer transexual
The 1st song , "mOBSCENE"
(Indeed,my 1st metal song)
When I first saw the MV..
and YES, I CLOSED the shit out of the browser.
After a few days..
that freaking bizarre transexual grotesque kept flashing in my mind..
Me, decided to get another try ...
Again, I got the song..played again ..
Well..I LOVE IT :D
I couldn't actually imagine that I fell for that bizzare transexual..
I downloaded TONS of his songs ..
and totally love them ..
I joined back that ROCK forum
and requested recommendation for similar artists to MM
a guy was kind enough to guide me through everything :)
What I then know were Murderdolls , Hanzel Und Gretyl and blah blah.
It was kinda hard for me to digest something too heavy.
and I couldn't really find what I'd like to listen that time =P
I needed guidance :D

I totally loved Industrial Metals and I still love them now :)
Industrial Metals originate from Experimental and Electronic Music
They sound so "Techno" and are easily digested :D
and that KIND guy introduced me TONS of various heavy metals..
Something like Anaal Nathrakh .. As I Lay Dying .. Tristania ..

slowly, I got into gothic metal .. symphonic metal .. power/speed metal ..
black metal .. death metal .. grindcore .. metalcore .. thrash metal ..
folk metal .. viking metal and BLAH BLAH !

So, now.
My top 3 are Power Metal, Folk Metal, Industrial Metal
I do listen to other types of music
such as Indie Pop/Rock, Country, Britpop, Alternatives ...
I believe that it's rare to find someone who listens to hardcore music,
RIGHT after they're born..
lol..I mean when they start to get "a defination of music"'s normal to find me listening to some old pop songs =P
because I DID listen to POP before I got into heavy-metals .
and now..
I think I've had a sense of what's good and what's bad..

Well.. To be honest
Popular bands mostly suck like shit in your toilet bowl.
It's the power of media and adverts.
So if you think Justin Bieber's LOL
If you think Taylor Swift's LOL
If you think Linkin Park's LOL
There are CHUNKS of good band that stay underground
but you'll never find them...without digging them out on purpose.
They're what that show you diversities and specialties
They're emotional, enthusiastic and..blah blah..
They don't stick to love songs ... (Most importantly)

Getting into the world of heavy metals changes my ideology/conception alot.
I quit from religions, the majority and the mainstream.
What I used to like becomes what I hate now.
So what ?
Because of this, I get to know so much things !
Subcultures, music genres, religions, soul and spirits :D
anyhow I think I'm a kinda weirdo now lol ~
whatever ~ I like it :)

What I've posted on fb's notes

1. Heavy-metals aren't for fucktards.
2. Metals aren't a fashion. They are a kind of spirit and soul.
3. Once a metalhead, you're meant to give up pop,R&B,Hiphop and music genres for tards.
4. Heavy-metals aren't just about heaviness.
5. We love heavy-metals.
6. If you love death metal or other extreme metals, and you start to criticise on other metal subgenres, you're a fucking great poser.
7. We don't necessarily dress like metalheads. (read #2)
8. heavy-metals don't have to be popularised.
9. Some bands like linkin park, are for kids who are trying to be hardcore but FAILED.
10. Expression ! Express yourself !
11. Metalheads don't commit arson, murder, rape & etc. Those are done by extremists, but what ? We SALUTE THEM !
12. Get rid of the heavy-metals stereotypes ! Heavy-metals aren't that bad. At least power,speed,gothic etc. metals won't rip your ass.
13. We do listen to other types of music but not taylor swift, justin bieber. Those are generally for retarded kids.
14. It's where most of the talents lie.
15. Metalheads don't scream for no reason. Screaming needs SKILLS.
16. and yes, If you want to be trendy, Go to R&B or POP. Don't come to metals.
17. We aren't satanic.
18. Most of us don't hold a religious beliefs.
19. We need no childish love songs.
20. Who cares if you hate heavy metals ?

\m/ Hail to Heavy-Metal \m/
When I get old..
Will I stop pursuing the spirit of metals ?
This sounds

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