Saturday, 6 November 2010

Be Part of ChurpChurp Today!

ChurpChurp ?
TweetTweet ?
What's the relationship between these ?
Check it OUT !

Few decades ago, Apple and Blackberry were simply Fruits.
they are now turned into something that
enables us to make phone calls, text messages, or even take photos !

Similarly, technology has been turning "Tweet" and "Churp" (Churr?Chirp? Burrrp?)
into something that delivers messages, instead of just the sound of birds =S
How awesome huh ?

What if,
a bird tweeted and chirped nonstoply right outside your windows,
in a comfy morning while you're sleeping ?
I'd point it with my longest finger,
and shout "STFU or You'll be on my dining table tonight !"
You're RIGHT !
This is what ChurpChurp is all about .... kinda .. =3=

So, What ChurpChurp is all about ?
ChurpChurp is your ultimate integrated social media solution that rewards for influencers’ updates. (, 2010) -- Citation, again, lol

If you don't kinda understand WORDS and need PICTURES to assist you,

Here it is :

Simple Enough, Huh ?

1 not-so-interesting thing about ChurpChurp and Twitter...
The users of Churp2 are called a "Churper"
So...Are the users of Twitters called a "Twitterer" ?
Interesting ..

If you ask , "Why should I join churpchurp?",
My Top 3 answers :
  • If you have a twitter account, You should join Churp2 too ! Because they look alike ... and they're both birds...........=3=
  • You get rewarded for tweeting ! Instead of posting sorta comments like "I think Marilyn Manson is better than Lady Gaga, because he has thicker lipstick on" on facebook & twitter , why don't you join churp2 to get rewarded by just tweeting ?
  • You get the chance to join different events and contests =]. Yes, various events will be organized by churp2 to get the churpers connected ! One of the latest known event would've been the kite-flying event "Fly kitey, fly!". Who knows if there is gonna be an event, "Fly Churpers, fly!" where churp2 is gonna bring us to the sky , right ? Also, don't forget about all the contests that give you freebiessssssss =]
If you aren't a churper yet, you should consider joining the community !

So you might want to know the requirements of feeding the little blue bird :
1. A Malaysian/Singaporean who has a twitter account.

That's ALL !

Register now, HIT on the blue bird :

Sign up, Let's go and Say this :
"I'm a tweety bird who tweets everyday while biting a twig." (Jason@MSN,2010)

and Yeah, In order to receive assignments,
You'll need at least 25 followers !

If you're interested, follow me on twitter :

Of course, I'll follow you in return,
So that we can tweet at each other outside the window X)

So...Catch the blue bird before you're too late to apologize =[ (?)

Early birds get the worms. If you like to eat worms, Go , Churper ! Go !