Monday, 22 November 2010

History of my hair @ 2010 ! Hardcore Hair dye !

Let's see what I've been doing to my hair throughout 2010 !
Started with rebonding, bleaching, then, colouring !

Disclaimer - (Sounds formal, doesn't it ? =D)

If hair bleaching and hair colouring are too avant-garde for you,
you might want to consider clicking the "x" button on the top of your screen.

Please read the whole blog post before you judge me, calling me a "lala" or "ah beng".
I did research on hair bleaching/colouring/maintenance BEFORE I got my hair done !
and I LOVEEEEEEEE hair coloring =D
So, shut up if you don't see the effort behind. 
Otherwise, PEACE ! =D


If you'd been the reader/follower of my blog,
you'd probably know that everything I did to my hair is planned in advance =D
I actually called it, the "Hair Project"  LOL !
My target was to get straight white hair.

In May 2009, I got my part time job as a tuition teacher.
Apparently, I wasn't allowed to get my hair dyed. =(
I started my Foundation Studies in September 2009.
Since then, I've been devising a plan for my hair makeover... =D

I did research on getting white hair,
I bought the hair dye online,
I bought the shampoo online...
I....blah blah...

In March 2010, I resigned from my job...(2nd Sem of Foundation Studies)
Just to get my hair done...(too extreme ? LOL)

The EXCUSE for my resignation was "I'm busy with my study ~"
After my hair reached certain length,
I got my hair rebonded !

Goodbye ! Old MEEE ! XD

Hello! New Meee ! 
Picture taken on : 7/3/2010

Lol. My hair looked so thin after rebonding =D
After two weeks, I got my hair bleached for the FIRST TIME !
At that time, I came across a product, the HAIR TONER.
It's something that neutralises unwanted tone of your hair.
To get the paper-like white hair,
I got the Manic Panic Virgin Snow Hair Toner.
It's a purple toner that takes away the yellow pigment in blond hair !
(I bet that you can't find this toner in Asia)
It isn't those kinda hair dye that we use in salons.

It's a Semi-Permanent Hair dye

Those hair dyes that we find in salon like the Schwarzkopf Igora,
Gatsby (which sucks to max), Clairol ...blah blah..
they're all Demi-Permanent Hair dye.

Demi-permanent hair dyes have to be mixed with Developer before they are "activated"
while Semi-Permanent hair dyes are ready to use in a bottle !

Besides, hair dyes are also available in "Temporary" and "Permanent".

So this is it ! 

Hello, Sparrow !
Doesn't it look vibrant =) ?

My hair was bleached twice in this stage.
I didn't realise that my hair was still too dark for the toner to actually work...
I wasted a bottle of the Manic Panic Virgin Snow !!!

One week after, I got my hair BLEACHED AGAIN ! 

The Third Bleach !
It got really bright !

I bought another bottle of Manic Panic Virgin Snow from Ebay.
I planned to get my hair bleached for the one last time and go WHITE !

After one month... 
All the jerky black hair's coming out !

Time for the root touch-up !
It's GORGEOUS AND YUMMY ! Wasn't it ?!

My mum nagged at me because I got my hair bleached for too many times lol
So I decided to let my hair rest for a month.

Time for the vital hit ! (lol?)
I did root touch-up and full head bleach at the same time !
I applied the toner for 45 minutes 
...I should've let it sit for longer =[

Abracadabra.....~ ~

It's really pale...
But still, it is NOT white =(((

Oh yeah.
There's a type of shampoo specifically designed for silver/grey/white hair !
It's called the Silver Shampoo OR Lilac Shampoo OR Purple Shampoo
I got to know the "Schwarzkopf BC Colour Save Silver"
on CNY eve,I tried my luck in Sg. Wang...
All the salespersons told me that Schwarzkopf had discontinued it in MY...
Maybe you can still get it in salons that still have stock for it =S
So I bought the L'Oreal one online...

Yeah..It's purple =D

Bleached hair tends to get brassier and brassier day by day !
YES. Bleached hair can get darker and darker by itself !
To fix this, you'll need a purple shampoo.
Purple is the opposite color of yellow.
The purple shampoos can be used to get rid of the brassiness from yellow/blond hair.

After using the purple shampoo

After excessive use of the silver shampoo,lol

 Can you see the difference?
My hair got paler, with a tint of silver !
 and I've no idea why I covered up my

My hair was then left untouched..
for another month...

Severely damaged root..

I hadn't had enough fun with my hair...
I decided to give my hair another colour ! =D
So....Here comes the fun ~ ...

The next hair dye that I used,

Special Effects Fish Bowl

Hair-colouring in progress ~
Highlight was wrapped in foil

I let the hair dye sit on for 3 hours 
YOU Don't do this at home, 
This is gonna work with only semi-permanent hair dyes

After 3 hours, 
I rinsed my hair with WHITE VINEGAR + WATER
followed by COLD water..
Yes..Cold water..I added ice cubes into the water =.=
Vinegar raises the acidity of the color 
and cold water seals hair cuticle,
hence making the haircolor last.

It is done ~ 

Isn't this coooooool ?

Highlight at the back section

Fashion Show @ Moral Studies..
You don't have to remind me of how short I'm =.=

Crazy Colors (like blah blah) don't last.
They fade HARDCORELY fast.

To maintain the hair colour, I used a self pre-mixed conditioner.
I mixed the Special Effect Fish Bowl hair dye (Semi-Permanent hair dye)
with a conditioner for colour-treated hair .
Ok, this works with only Semi-Permanent hair dyes
Those hair dyes that you buy from watson/guardian/salons aren't gonna work in this way.

See the hair end ? It's fading !

My turquoise stayed vibrant for the 1st week
The 2nd week, it showed lotsa signs of fading ! 
And the 3rd week...OH MY GOSH !
All these..happened within 3-4 weeks !
It then faded to an unknown greenish colour =.=
And I'd been having that color on until the day I attended the DiGi Party...
I got my hair bleached again  ... lol ... 

My current hair color...
I'm gonna BLEACH it again !!!!

My next colour'd probably be WHITE (If someone's able to get me the hair dye from US)
or It's gonna be Turquoise again !!!!!

How many times have I got my hair bleached? 
3 full head + 4 touch-up count it =]
and come on,
7 times of hair bleach isn't fun. 
Hair bleach hurts and damages your hair/scalp.
So how the heck did I manage to do it for 7 times without causing hair fall ? 

These are the stuff that I use to REPAIR my hair and scalp.
(I won't talk about products for color-treated hair for now...
Shampoos/Conditioners for color-treated hair are the BASIC)

Hair Mask
Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructer
 If you've got your hair bleached or dyed often,
You gotta need this ! 
Hair bleach strips away proteins in your hair, causing your hair weak and brittle !
This hair mask is rich in protein and it restores the protein to your hair =)
It's kinda dry therefore you'll need a moisturizing leave-in conditioner after use.
It smells like pineapple XD
I highly recommend this !
Bought at : RM68 / 200 ML

Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich
This serum adds gloss and shine to your haircolor
It also tames and smooths down frizzy hair X)
I apply it everytime after I dry my hair
This little bottle  lasts for ages !
Bought at : RM55 / 100ML

These three fellows are truly my goodfriend XD
- A good hairdryer is kinda important for your hair.
(something like negative ions and stuff...)
Get a hairdryer that offers temperature control !
- Avoid blasting your hair with hot hair for too long
It causes damage to your hair.
Also, hot air opens up your hair cuticle 
and the haircolor molecules will flee from your hair =.=
- Always apply heat protection serum before you blow dry your hair.
- To avoid your hair from getting frizzy, 
get a concentrator nozzle

Always use combs with wide tooth 
Don't comb your hair while it's wet and damp
unless you want your hair to break and fall off crazily.

Extra : 
1. Treatment ! Moisturizing/Deep Repair masks are essential !

2. Mint Shampoo (not Head & Shoulder please) if you bleach/dye your hair frequently like I do. 
It refreshes and relaxes your scalp ! I use a Beaver's one.

Q : What's the difference between hair-bleaching and hair-colouring ? Which of them does more damage to the hair ?
A : Bleaching is the process of taking natural hair pigments out of your hair and Colouring is the process of depositing artificial pigments. Bleaching is more damaging !

Q : Can I bleach my hair at home ?
A : If you can bear the outcome...why not =D ? It's always better to seek for help from someone else or get it done professionally... Also, remember not to apply hair bleach on your scalp. NO JOKE, it can cause blistering and chemical burns ! Always wear a pair of glove when you're applying the hair bleach.

Q : How much does it cost to get my hair bleached in a salon ?
A : That depends XD ... It's kinda expensive. My mum owns a salon therefore I got my hair done FOC =D
however, my last touch up bleach cost me RM78 for a 20cm section (hair length).

Q : Can I bleach my hair without killing it ?
A : Never. 

Q : How are you ?
A : I'm fine.

My next post is gonna be the DO's and DON'T's before and after hair bleaching/hair coloring !
stay tuned ! 

Before you go,

Which color do you think I should try or suits me the best ?



  1. nice hair bro!

    im follow u!
    follow me k

  2. Omg! Your hair is ruined! Haha! But to be honest, it looks totally awesome! I absolutely love the colours you chose but the blue is just... Wasted. =/ Didnt know it would only last for a week. I thought of going bright red during new year but seeing that it wouldnt last for more than a week, if not taken care of properly, is kind of... a downer.

    So, im not the kind of person who really takes care of my hair but i really like the to have red hair and i thought since you have done so much research, can you suggest whether should i or should i not get my hair dyed bright red? HEHE.

    Thank you! =D
    (Nice blog btw)

  3. Shiok Leng :

    Hi & Thanks !
    It was turquoise actually =]
    I absolutely LOVE it even if it fades quick !

    Seriously, red toned hair dyes FADE FAST. (even if it's dark red like maroon) .. Normally, red hair fades to brown within 1-2 weeks =S...

    But If you like it, why not give it a try?

  4. Oohh turquoise. Sorry. Hehe. Hm... Alright. Will do. Thanks for your suggestion! Hehe! =D

  5. I think red will suits ur skin color better. Dark red i mean.

  6. @xing awwh...I prefer bright colors !

  7. Cool! nice hair at least something different :)

  8. Wahh~~ I so in love with ur hair la.. I want the blonde one!! XD

  9. Omgosh that's.. a lot of bleaching :O

    but go for white blonde! always love that hair colour. but sooo hard to manage.

    i'm trying to imagine how much money you spent on your hair lolol. are you rich?!?!? jkjk.


  10. The photo from 27/06/10 is by far your best color but you should try this next time... If you're Asian and are trying to go platinum on VIRGIN hair I'd recommend 3-4, 30 minute, bleach treatments using 30 volume developer, 1 week between each treatment, and followed EVERY ONE with 30 minute's of deep conditioning product with a heating cap set to medium or low.

  11. Oh yeah. And tone with Manic Panic virgin snow at the end. Or after every bleach if you want but you won't get much oomph unless you are toning lightest blonde. Otherwise you have wasted your time and get to walk around with awesome banana hair. Awesome.

  12. Thanks for your useful advice ! Noted down. I'm planning to go white again after september. tteeeeehheee :D

  13. Did the turquoise colour faded to grey ? It looks like grey in the pic, ur hair was platinum blonde before u dyed ur hair turquoise right ? I'm thinking of dip dyeing my hair turquoise that is y I'm asking. I'm a whole head platinum blonde btw

  14. so daring :O
    need to be brave to use these kinda colors :D

  15. try la riche directions . i tried once lilac colour last more than a month . advice use silicon free shampoo to mantain your colour ♥

  16. try la riche directions . i tried once lilac colour last more than a month . advice use silicon free shampoo to mantain your colour ♥

  17. I love the idea of getting snow white hair coz it's freakin awesome ffs. But it's very hard to achieve :/ I did do a lot of research but all the shampoo thingy have to order online. Geezzz, plus I get my hair done in spring green by la riche direction. C: but people here find it weird lol