Thursday, 25 November 2010

' Rapunzel : a Tangled Tale ' - Premiere Screening

Rapunzel , let down your hair !

It's [Rapunzel : a Tangled Tale] !

M'kay !
Fist of all,
Thanks to ChurpChurp and Groupsmore for the Premiere Screening Tix !
I won a pair of tix from ChurpChurp,
and Cj Chong won another pair of tix from Groupsmore !

Cj and I collect our tix at the counter
Oh ya,
the detail for the Premiere Screening of Rapunzel : a Tangled Tale

Date : Wednesday, November 24, 2010
Venue: Cathay Cineplex e@Curve, Damansara, Kuala Lumpur
Time: 9.30PM

Rapunzel Premier Screening
Tix from Groupsmore & ChurpChurp (Nuffnang) !
Rapunzel Premier Screening
Buttons from ChurpChurp upon the collect of tix ! ♥

I know I know !

This is kinda a controversial topic XD...
But the tickets weren't wasted M'kay ~

After we've collected our tix,
we went for our dinner @ Popeye , LOL !

We entered the theatre at 9.30pm afterwards.
I gave my tix (from ChurpChurp) to Evon and her sis
and I take Cj's (from Groupsmore)
Ok...the tags above are kinda important lol

if you're my close friend...
you'll surely know.....
I've NEVER been to the cinema ! (Surprise !)
Weird ? LOL
Yeah. I don't like commercial movies !
I normally watch avant-garde/experimental movies eg : Begotten (1991)
and these kinda movies aren't gonna be screened in public =S

At first, I thought the screening's gonna be in 3D...
but then...It was in 2D ... -__- ....
However, I heard that the movie's played in 3D for the ChurpChurp's hall
No luck for groupsmore's =(

Here's Movie Part !

Synopsis :
It's kinda a comedy actually.
The movie begins with lame and funny narration =3=
It's about a Princess, Rapunzel, who was stolen when she's still a baby girl.
She was grounded in a tower and hidden from the outside world !
She's the hair which can heal ! (okay..her tear does the same thing)
An old witch , Mother Gothel trapped her in the tower because of this !

Mother Gothel and Rapunzel

Rapunzel's asked to sing to her hair to restore youth to the furious old  witch.
The lyric goes something like ... "...Flower..blah blah...Let your power shine ~ blah blah"
Rapunzel's been trapped in the tower for 18 years. She's never stepped out of the tower !
So what did she do for the past 18 years ? She sings...she paints..she combs...she dresses =3=
The only companion she's got is the frog (a chameleon actually) - Pascal

Isn't it cute ? lol

Rapunzel requested from her mother (the old witch),
to go outta the tower to see the lanterns which are lighted every year on her birthday !
Apparently her mother declined her =(
Rapunzel then distracts her mother with another request. LOL

Then comes the Flynn Rider, a wanted rogue who stole the crown !
He chooses an isolated tower for his latest hideout,
he has no idea the tower is already occupied by a princess (Rapunzel).
He's attacked by Rapunzel with a ....
frying pan .... ._.

Flynn Rider (Eugene Fitz Herbert)

He's a deal with Rapunzel, which is to take her out to see the lanterns
and she'll return him the crown.
Then, an exciting adventure's set off ! want to know more ? You gotta watch the movie !

THREE more screenshot from the movie

Review :
What do I like 'bout this movie ?
The emotions !
This movie's rich in LAME emotions and expressions =.=

The palace horse, Maximus's absolutely LOVELYYY
It's a horse , but it can sniff like a dog ...
and fight with a sword ..... 囧
Its appearance's gonna bring some laughters everytime =]
Also, it's always fighting with Flynn ...
They hit ...and they poke each other =3=...

Another thing that I like in this movie is the Cupid =.=
The old-and-ugly-looking Cupid.. (I can't find a pic)
He's very annoying and random....but he's GOD DAMN FUNNY ! OMG !
His appearance upon the ending of the movie is SO RANDOM !! XD

So, for the storyline..
I think it's OK...
a very very standard fairytale storyline...
It's clear,
It's super easy to digest =3= ... 
The movie focuses more on the adventure of Eugene and Rapunzel
While for the rest...duhh...
I never expected that Mother Gothel can be killed such effortlessly =.=

and for the ending...still...
a very standard fairytale ending...
It's a happy ending of course =3= ..
The lost princess returns to the castle..
and you can imagine the rest =D
something like "They get married,They have sex,They have babies" will do. lol

There's lotsa singing in the movie =3=
It's fine, though they're not as good as Les misérables XD

Overall, I'll rate 4.45873457 / 5 for this movie.
Lol. I love random numbers =)

If you're a person who loves movies with scene that's gonna happen in reality,
you might end up walking out of the cinema and ask
"Why wouldn't her hair ever get tangled ? She must've been using pails and pails of conditioner !"

If you're a person who loves fairy tale, in other words,
"Once upon a time" for the beginning and
"And they live happily ever after" for the ending
would simply satisfy you....
Go !! Go to the cinema and mess up with Rapunzel's hair now !

Oh yah, another thing before I forget,
Churpchurp's sent all the participants a blog kit for the movie via email...
Too bad, but I'm too lazy to read

This is the interruption part !
When we were staring at the screen towards the ending part,
it suddenly turned upside-down  =.=
and they movie was played in an inverse order !!!! LOL
Soon, everyone started booing and scolding XD
The movie wasn't stopped immediately..
In fact, it lasted for around 5 minutes =3=
Then the screen turns black and some ridiculous songs were played
"What what what ~ Tele-phone-phone ~ In my hotel room ~" 

After a while, the staff from Groupsmore stood up and clarified that it's not their fault
1stly, the movie wasn't screened in 3D as stated
2ndly, the movie's MESSED UP ! LOL
What's more...It's the climax of the movie =(

The whoever from whatever Disney said that 
they'll be compensating Groupsmore 
with Premiere Screening tix for another movie ~ LOL ~

So...Tara ! =D


  1. that's sort of good. you get to watch it twice. and the churp^2 buttons are nice

  2. i watch it yesterday its fun XD wow how you get those ticket? so nice

  3. Philip Khor : nop tickets were given to my friends =)

    Rascat : I won it from contests by ChurpChurp & Groupsmore ..

  4. I was luckier I guess.. I got the tix from churp2 and nuffnang. So, I get to watch it in 3D (eventhough I wasn't expecting it at all) I love the movie though... and if you read the blog kit, you might have simply repost it on your blog like I did (since I am a lazy, lazy brat) It has some funny and informative as well as handy stuff in there.

    have a look here