Sunday, 28 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse !

Stop Child Abuse !

Get on board with UNICEF !

a very standard opening for essays ...

What do you think of when I say "Child Abuse" ?

A child whose parents don't provide appropriate daily need?
A child who's forced to whore?
A child who's beaten to death?
A child who's hit with a stun baton till a deep wound's left on his body?
A child whose fingernails were pulled out with a pincers?

For me, the phrase "Child Abuse" reminds me of one extra thing, a song =D

Lower your volume. It might be a little noisy for you.

Though it's about
You can always modify the lyric =D

I love these few lines : 
I remember a child crying in the night
Her tribe had died in front of her eyes (Her hands were maimed in front of her eyes? LOL !)

Shouts for help, sounded from a little indian voice (from a little crying voice?)
She felt cold and fear

lol. cool huh ? then you imagine the rest -_-

Let's get back to the topic.

(You can skip this definition part. It's repeating in every single blog)

Child Abuse, is a variety of abnormal behaviors directed against children. (,2010)

Simple Enough ?

Child Abuse can take several forms :
1. Child sexual abuse - any activity that uses a child to create sexual gratification
2. Pedophilia - abnormal interest in children
3. Physical abuse - excessive intentional physical injury to a child or excessive corporal punishment of a child
4. Child neglect - concerns on child’s welfare
5. Emotional neglect - inadequate attention from their parents or guardians
6. Failure to thrive - a condition in which children fail physically to develop to their normal full genetic potential

Ok. I'm gonna stop with the definitions stuff.

Do you consider caning till bleeding as Child Abuse ?

It mostly happens at chinese primary school and at home.
As for my case, at home LOL.
Well !
Actually, any proper caning is fine...
(because sometimes I just feel like slapping them lol)
but when it causes's so not fine =(
Child Abuse or not, You rate it =D

For me, Child Abuse is like .. it got really really serious.

Okay. Insteading of posting something so uniform and standard,
I'll post up something middle-hardcore. 

Take a look at this video :

It happened in KL,Malaysia. =/
How do you feel after watching the video ?
Cruel ? Relentless ? Or do you feel like slapping the cr*p out of the lady ? LOL

Want to see more ? I got them from China's webs. (Caution : Bloody Images)
If you can't take them , Click Here to Skip !

Take a look at this case which happened in China

child abuse

child abuse

child abuse

child abuse

child abuse
The person who beat the two little children - Their father.

The Dialogue -
Reporter or Whosoever : How long have you been beating your children ?
Father : Three Years.
R : Do you beat them often ?
Father : Almost daily.

Daily. WTF 

Another one,
happened in China , too.
A 13-year-old boy "electrocuted" by his father =/

child abuse
Wanna know what's more than his crying face?

child abuse
O_O. Can you see his bone?

child abuse

child abuse
His mom, I guess ?

Child Abuse can happen in any kind of family.
in Grandmother story or fairy tales, corporal punishment's always done by the stepparents. 
In real-life, it happens when a family faces financial trouble ... why ?
Without sufficient money to support a family, ones get crazy and go bananas easily. 
Then, they (normally refer to the dads lol) will start beating just everyone
but children seem to be the victims usually =(
Not to forget 'bout the broken marriage between a spouse.

In addition, child abuse can happen outside a family toooo...
Some insane b@stards will catch or kidnap random children and abuse them =.=
(including prostitution and sexual abuse)

I remember it super clearly (somehow) because it's a report on a Mother's Day (I forgot the year)

I didn't know who abused the child, but it's really cruel =.=

Instead of stuff like beating and slamming the child, they did something "extra" to the child.
Guess what ? 

The kid's fingernails were pulled out JUST LIKE THAT, and he wasn't allowed to cry.
The kid's teeth were PULLED OUT JUST LIKE THAT, and he wasn't allowed to cry.
The kid's anus (or if you prefer to say "Asshole") was poked with candles.....

These are what I can remember. There were definitely more.
The child said "I hate my mother, I hate Mother's Day" ... =/
Can you see the psychological damage which was done to the kid ?

By just writing and reading them out, I can already feel the pain -_-
I bet even an adult can't stand these "excruciations" .. 
Imagine if it happens on a kid =/

So, what acts of child abuse I would never want to see to happen again ?
I'd say, all forms of child abuse !
From neglect to sexual abuse or even corporal punishment.
Why should children go through all these @_@? 
They definitely deserve a better life.
Also, if you aren't going to take good care of your kids, 
don't have sex and don't give birth !

Physical wound can heal by itself, but emotional and psychological wound can't.

Protect the children from living in the shadowssss !
Get on Board with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) now !
child abuse


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