Friday, 10 December 2010

Animal Invasion Part 2 !

Animal's intruding my house again !
This time, they come with a pair of WINGS !

Here comes another not-so-disgusting post.
Stay away if you've just had your meal. lol

Intensity Rating : 1.02035839486 / 5

Oh ya, and if you possess the greastest heart of kindness....


Okay !

The story's really simple.
1st, I opened my room window.
2nd, these guys flew into my room.
3rd, I numbed them with a mosquito trap.
4th, time for an experiment !

Here they are. The peepers that I've just mentioned !

I wanted to kill them with an electronic mosquito trap.
Unfortunately, the electricity wasn't strong enough to SLAUGHTER them.
(The trap was once damaged and repaired by meeeee)
So...instead of being killed, they were being numbed  (I guess?)
They did move, but they didn't fly =D

So I settled them down and ... investigated them with a microscope lol.
Well...The microscrope that I used isn't kinda microscopes that you see in the science lab.
Rather, it's a portable and small microscope that offers a magnification of 30x.

I took all the following photos by just placing my camera atop of the microscope lol
So don't be too fussy yeah. I don't own any professional or laboratory-grade equipment =)

Are you ready ? 

Head ! I think, it looks like a....kangaroo ?! LOL

From this experiment, we can conclude that insects have 6 legs lol.

The hairy butt or what ? Lol.
Imagine if I squeezeeeeee thisss. LOL !

Another fella, Side-view ! SO CUTE !

Top view. As hairy as shit !

If these aren't enough...
I've got something EXTRA and EXTRAORDINARY !

Any...last words....?

Don't push yourself too hard m'kay ?
Saying something like "You're cruel/ruthless/heartless" blah blah is absolutely pointless lol.
Saya memang cruel and morbid =)
and I don't think this is too bad, cause I could've done worse. LOL !

Stay tuned and stay cool !


  1. Cool pictures there bro! Where on earth can get such microscopes? hehe

  2. what can i say, i dong like insect like i dong like blog with music !

  3. whoa. they look creepy but the pictures kinda cool.. like doing science experiment..

  4. Cool~ you're really curious for may things man... LOL

  5. @Your Humble Servant : i got it on ebay

    @SiMon : no i didn't = =...

  6. i hate insects. u shud be more cruel. SQUEEZE THE FATTY BUT ! HAHAHAHAA JUICES XD