Friday, 3 December 2010

My Music Album Collection !

Check out !
My album collection =D !

I KNOW that songs/albums can be digitally obtained from the internet...
and If you think collecting albums is such a waste of money...
then you might want to click the "x" at the top corner of your browser =)

I've been collecting them since I was form 1 =)
I bought my 1st album online !
Which also means
I started shopping online when I was form 1 ~ Weee =D
Some of them were bought on amazon,
some on eBay and some ... on random sites.
And most of them can't be obtained from MY local music store =(

I placed alllll the albums on the floor because I couldn't find a better place in my room lol.

So the 1st batch !

Groove Coverage's Collection
The BIG one is Vinyl Disc...I bought it mistakenly =.=

From the top to the bottom :
1st Column : On the Radio [EP], Best Of (3 Discs Version), Poison [EP], Moonlight Shadow [EP]
2nd Column : 7 Years & 50 Days, 21st Century, Holy Virgin [EP], Covergirl
3rd Column : Moonlight Shadow EP, Runaway EP, Holy Virgin Vinly 12'

When I was in Form 1 & Form 2, I used to LOVE electronic and dance music...
Friend's influence =/....
God's a Girl was really a BIG BIG HIT.

Then I got mad with Pop Music during Form 3 =.=
Ashlee Simpson and Avril Lavigne were my big LOVEEE

 Left to right : 
1st row (Avril) : Let's Go, Under My Skin, The Best Damn Thing [Deluxe], My Happy Ending [EP]
2nd row  : Autobiography, I Am Me, Boyfriends [Maxi] (Ashlee Simpson), I'm not Dead (P!nk)
3rd row : Lala [Maxi], Pieces of Me [Maxi], Pieces of Me Disc 2

Cool eh ? 
Those Maxi Singles were the remixed versions of the original song.
I bought them online of course =)
Can you see the Avril's album ? The one with pink cover.
It's the Deluxe Edition =)...
Unlike the normal version that you find in local music store, which is in white cover,
It's the explicit version. All the strong language and vulgarity are NOT censored =D

and then ~

For some reasons,
I started listening to Rock Music in the beginning of my Form 4 study
Yeah..someone introduced me the band - My Chemical Romance
with some other alternative rock bands as welll...

Left to right :
Top row : Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge (MCR), Welcome To The Black Parade [Single] (MCR),
Paper Walls (YellowCard), Black Holes & Revelations [Bonus DVD] (Muse)
Bottom row : The Black Parade [Special Edition] (MCR), Underclass Hero [Malaysian Special Edition] (Sum 41), HAARP [Live] (Muse)

Two Muse albums above are epically the BEST-BUY !
Black Holes and Revelations - CD + DVD (MV & Live Video) and it's only RM45.90 ! WOW !
HAARP Live From Wembley Stadium - CD + DVD (Concert Video) ... RM4x too !
Big fan of Muse should grab the Live album @ Rock Corner =D

another AND THEN,
I got a new obsession
I switched to Heavy-Metal music =.=
I know I'm changeful =.=
I've been listening to Heavy-Metal music for 3 years...
since I was 16 =/

So these are the albums that fall under another category :

heavy metal album
Left to right :
1st row : Divine Gates Part III - The Last Gate, Fairytales (skylark), The High End of Low (MM)

2nd row : The Divine Conspiracy (Epica), Sunrise in Eden (Edenbridge), 
Lest We Forget [Malaysian Special Edition] (Marilyn Manson)

ok. I've got not much for heavy metal now!
but I'm gonna go and grab MOREEEEE !
and I'm not gonna go for other musical types anymore !
Heavy-Metal forever ! \m/ !

I'm gonna share some best-buy or my favourites in detail =) !

haarp live in wembley
 HAARP Live From Wembley Stadium - Muse

It's a tour album, inclusive of a CD and a DVD.
I LOVE this simply because Matthew Bellamy sings better in live than in the studio !
Listening to this DVD in 5.1 surround sound is FREAKINGGG enjoyable !

underclass hero sum41
Underclass hero - Sum 41 

This is seriously the best thing I've ever bought in my life !
Guess what ? It's Malaysian Special Edition ...
also, a CD + a DVD .....
The DVD includes 2 MVs , 1 live Video and The episodes : Road To Ruin
Price ?
RM24.90 !! WTF ! Unbelievably epically CHEAP !
I love the price. nothing much. lol
(Speak of the Devil is a supaaa good song from Sum41)

avril lavigne the best damn thing
The Best Damn Thing [Deluxe Edition] - Avril Lavigne

avril lavigne the best damn thing
The CD

avril lavigne the best damn thing

avril lavigne the best damn thing
Inside The Lyrics Booklet

I bought it on amazon.
It cost me around USD$42 (RM150+)
Yes...the exchange rate for USD:MYR was 3.5-3.8
It comes with a CD and a DVD
The music tracks on the CD are all EXPLICIT
which means words like "motherfucking", "slut", "bitch" ARE NOT CENSORED.

Instead of
"and hell yeah, I'm the one and only princess" on the 1st verse of the track Girlfriend,
The line goes "and hell yeah I'm the motherfucking princess"

other tracks like "I Don't Have to Try", "I Can Do Better", ETC do the same thing.

If you get this album from the local store and it's in white cover...
then it's the clean version =)

Next !
 the best of marilyn manson
Lest We Forget - The Best of Marilyn Manson [Malaysian Special Edition]

Creepy Cover ?. This cover's facing and watching me

Yes ! I LOVE collecting Special Edition/Deluxe Edition albumsss lol
I bought this album at Rock Corner, 1U . RM60 !
It consists of 2CD(s) and 1 DVD  ! SUPAAAAAAA !!
1st Disc - Lest We Forget (The Best Of) - 19 Tracks !
2nd Disc - Last Tour on Earth - 14 Tracks !!!
3rd Disc - Music Videos DVD - 20+ MVs ! Woot !

This is truely the BEST album I've ever bought but I'd like to place it in this place, not 1st lol.

Open it !
the best of marilyn manson
 a photo booklet and ... Whoever =.=

Unfold, once more.
the best of marilyn manson
The booklet ! Mickey Mouse ! CDs and DVD !

the best of marilyn manson
The back of the album. Tracklist.

I LOVE this album. 
I'm a BIG fan of MM and this album has all his BEST songs on !
It's worth it !

Lastly, an album which look like the Bible 
Guess what it is ?

the black parade my chemical romance
The Black Parade. Sounds familiar huh ?

the black parade my chemical romance
Yeah it's The Black Parade by My Chemical Romance !

the black parade my chemical romance
Some cards and a booklet which is full of WORDS.

the black parade my chemical romance
The Black Parade was coming to life, and I don't even care !

Lyrics :
the black parade my chemical romance

the black parade my chemical romance

I bought this album online.
Again, it's Deluxe Edition and of course..It's EXPLICIT.
all the cursings and strong languages aren't censored.
I bought it on amazon. It can't be found in MY. I BET !
This album killed me so hard.
It cost me around 50USD =.= (RM180+ I remember)
It comes with just 1 CD , some useless cards and a booklet which is full of nonsense that I didn't even bother reading them lol. Well...It's the packaging that alters the price =/

If you get this album in white cover from local music store,
then it's implicit versions =/
Which you won't even hear a single F-word from the tracks !

So this is my collection !
I'm definitely going to get MOREEEEEE !
Albums from Elvenking, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Avantasia, Emilie Autumn are awaiting ahead !
Weeeeeeee. BYE FOR NOW !


  1. Booyah ~ !!! XD MUSIC IS LIFE ~ !!! XD Woohooo ~ Cool collection btw ~ =)

  2. where r u staying? i'm coming to rent cds.

  3. thanks a vast collection :P
    ps: i love groove coverage too!

  4. @xing Kepong, KL lol
    @celeste Yeah I used to love them very much ! but not taste's changed =)

  5. Marilyn Manson is probably the only one I can identify with! haha...

    The last time I bought CDs of the bands I was listening to were bands like Nirvana, silverchair and Alice in Chains.. A long long time ago!

  6. I want Avril one lor! HAHAHHAS

  7. @Ben Ahh....Metalhead ?!

    @Joyce Go and grab yours now !

  8. wowww i luv the my chemical romance's cooll>< i m a fan of avril also teeheee

  9. See that you have a lot of albums collection. I personally only have Leehom ones. yea, black parade is nice. I got one of the album too