Monday, 31 January 2011

Innit Lou Sang Gathering !

My very first gathering
with the Inniters !

It was a real grande gathering !
I heard there were more than 35 of us !
woot !

28/1/2011 (Friday)
I attended an Innit gathering @ Sri Melaka, 1U.
It's like "Everyone in Innit is GOING!"
Yeah seriously.
There were so many of us !
4 Tables in total ?
The Dress Code's RED or Pink or Equivalent lol :)T

Supposedly, it's planned to start at 8pm.
I was facing a little of the hair disaster before setting off = =.
Wanna know more about it ?

Here :

Kuro, Jacob and I arrived almost an hour late LOL.
We were stuck in the parking garage :(
We couldn't find a parking lot ~ lol

When 3 of us got into the restaurant,
we were like....XD
SHY *Blush*
But the peepers were friendly and kind enough :D
Finally meeting the inniters in real life huh :)

I just want to say that I couldn't recognize MOST of you LOL !
Photos speak a goddamnanozillion of words so I shall stop with the writing now.

T-V-Tiga :)

Me, Tikus, YY

Stephanie's playing with mai hairrrrrrrrr LOL

Lou Sang (Before)

Lou Sang (In Progress)

Lou Sang (After) = =....

Raise it high :)

Who messed up the Lou Sang ???
(You know who you are =.=)

YY's doing the MATHS

 Kuro, Me, Jacob, Jayren

All in one :)

In all,
it was a great gathering
despite the fact that I was too shy to TALK XD...
Sorry if I couldn't recognize you :D
Looking forward to the next gathering yeah :)
and Thanks to Xing, for being such an awesome organizer yeah :D

(Some of the photos above were taken from fb)

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Hair Colour DISASTER !!!!!!

This is what happened
BEFORE attending the innit lou sang gathering !

Just a quick update.
Before I go out :)

Lou sang yesterday .. HOLD ON
Let's talk about what happened before that.

So I finally got my hair done on Tuesday .

hair dye


Looking GOOD :D ?
it's not WHITE as expected, 
But I absolutely LOVE this bright shade !
Unfortunately, I didn't get any highlights :(

Thursday night,
I was trying to be a little ADVENTUROUS
I did the blue highlight myself !
with the Manic Panic After Midnight Blue Hair Dye

Taaaadaaaaaaaa ! LOL
Very well !
before attending the Innit Lou Sang Gathering @ Sri Melaka, 1U
I played with the hair dye again.
This time, I applied it on side, just a tiny thin strand,
hoping it to turn out really cool.

I diluted the hair dye with a conditioner and expected for a nice light-shaded pastel blue
it turned out really badly that I didn't even CARE TAKING a PHOTO !

Initially I wanted to just CUT THEM OFF !

So I did something to strip the colours !

2. Rinse it with hot water (This opens up the hair cutitle)
3. Wash it with Anti-Dandruff Shampoo (A-Dandruff Shampoo cleanses deeply)
4. Wash it with DISH WASH ! (NO JOKE)

I repeat the step for like 5-6 times !
My hair felt really COARSE and HARSH (only that freaking blue strand) -_-

The colour fades to a lighter shade afterwards.
Which is somewhat acceptable to me.

You can tell the RELUCTANCE from my expression !

Well well.
It's alright ! It's gonna fade within 1-2 weeks no matter what !

So at night,
attended the gathering :)

I'll keep this for the next post :)
Had fun there !

Thursday, 27 January 2011

So What's THE FUSS ?

Just a little ranting
about what's happening recently.

Since my dad's getting me my breakfast
and I'm a little free now, literally,
I'm writing a little to COMPLAIN !

First of all,
I got my hair done.
Well it's not as white as expected
But the colour's bright too !
My hair's rebonded as well.
Luckily they don't fall off lol.
Spent an epic 7 hours in the salon = =.
I'm kinda disappointed that I did not get any highlights :(
but...well ! Let's keep it fierce, for the next time, TURQUOISE !
Will update on my hairdo soon :D

2nd of all,
I've NEVER EVER tried such things.
your lecturer gives you an assignment
and says that it'll be due on Thursday.
On the instructions given,
it's stated that this assignment's due on WEDNESDAY.
I didn't quite understand the instruction so I left it undone.
(Since lecturer says that it's due the next day)
Here comes the climax.
When I got to the college yesterday,
my friend told me that we should hand in our assignment FUCKING TODAY
,before 4PM.
I was like......."FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!"

Luckily, I brought my laptop and it's just a very simple assignment.
My friend and I managed to finish and print it within 1 hour. LOL
It's just an assignment on Cover Letter after all :)

On the same day, yesterday.
The same lecturer assigned us a task at 12pm,
on Format of Resume.
So we were given 2 hours to find information about it,
make it into presentation slides and present it at 2pm.
yes. 2 HOURS is enough ? 
Don't forget about our Cover Letter Assignment = =

I was technically dumped into a group with the foreigners,
together with my partner, called the "Weng Hong".
I'm not trying to be a racist but being in a group with the foreigners SUCKS !!!

I'll tell you why.
One of the group members, a girl
found all the information needed to be presented.
She passed me all the COPY AND PASTE info
and asked me to do a slide.
I'm fine with it.
So I made a presentation slideshow with Powerpoint..within 1 hour..
I've to go through all the info given and arrange them into a minimum of 10 slides.
It's okay.

After a short break,
at 2pm, we were to present our work.
So you guess what the fuck kind of reason did all of the foreigners give ?
"We(I) can't present cause we(I) don't know what you've put into the slides"

WHAT THE FUCK -_- (font size = 72)

I'm presenting then.
That's the fullstop of the COMPLAINT.

Let's enjoy the rest of the week and CNY !
I can't wait to attend the innit gathering too, on this Friday !
Though I'm feeling a little too shy LOL !
It's like "Everyone's GOING !"

See you THERE ! :)

Saturday, 22 January 2011

You CHOOSE my hair color ! Hair Care Tips !

Color for my next hair highlights ?
You CHOOSE the color for me !

Doesn't this look GORGEOUS ?!

If you'd been following my blog,
you would probably know that I'm getting my hair bleached and done white soon.
1st and foremost,
(White hair is hard to achieve !)

So instead of doing just full-head white,
I am actually thinking of getting a few strands of hightlight !
I can't really decide what colors to go for.
That's why I'm now creating a poll , seeking for opinions :D

Basically, I myself prefer dark pink highlights.
I'll show you some picturesssssssss.

Dark Pink :
This is the best choice of all?

Red :
CNY right !

Blue : 
This is so NOT right !

Purple :
This blends kinda well with white hair huh ?

Green :
Totally OUT ! 

Note : All the photos above are for reference purpose. 
I'm not gonna do these colors on full head.

Here comes the poll !
survey service

I'm planning to create a hair blog for myself,
so that I can update SOLELY on my hairdo routine and hair care/maintenance tips !

Before that,
I'd like to share some products which I'll be using for the next part of my HAIR PROJECT !

Manic Panic Hair Dyes which I've just gotten from US.
 AfterMidnight Blue, Virgin Snow.

 After Midnight Blue
It's supposedly a blue hair dye. But it just looks kinda purplish !

The result achieved with this hair dye would be something like this

Looks purple ? 
One thing which I LOVE about this,
is that it would fade to TURQUOISE !! WOOT.
But I'm not gonna use it for now.
Keep it for the NEXT hair colouring ! (Turquoise)

Tadaaaaaaaa ~ This is the Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner
It's a hair toner. 
It's in purple so that it'd cancel out the yellow pigment in bleached hair :)

Now, the Products and Maintenance part.
If your hair's damaged and coarse,
consider reading.

Hair, especially chemically-treated, needs EXTRA care to maintain in a good condition.
 If you get your hair bleached and dyed often,
you'll need to be DOUBLE EXTRA patient with your hair.

Here I'll recommend you some GOOD hair care products !

These are what I'll be using !

From Left :
1. Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich Protective Shine Serum 
Apparently, this serum is for coloured hair.
It helps maintain your hair color, making it long-lasting and shinny !
It tames frizz too !

2. Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective Smoother
This is more of a Heat Protectant Serum actually.
It's SUPER GREAT for those who often blowdry their hair straight like me !
It gives your hair a layer of protection and prevents your hair from damage done by the heat of hairdryers!
It helps in straightening and taming the frizz as well !

3. Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor
If you bleached and colored your hair often, your hair'd become fragile and would break and fall off easily !
This is because hair bleach actually strips away the protein in your hair !
So you'll need this to restore protein to your hair ! It's HYPER-rich in protein !
My hair's been bleached for 7 times including touch up, and it doesn't fall like shit !
A MUST GET for those who get their hair bleached !

4. Wella SP Specialist Power Mask
 It's marked that this mask is for COARSE and VERY DAMAGED Hair.
I just got this 2 days ago and I haven't tried on it yet !
I'll do a review on this after I try this out ! It's a little pricey though. lol

5. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Color Save Sulfate Free Shampoo
 This is just like any other shampoos for color-treated hair LOL !
Not much to say on this.

6. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Color Save Conditioner
 This conditioner is very moisturizing and conditioning ! I'd actually feel it right after I use it !
Recommended !

7. Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner
 This is the ONE and ONLY consumer-ranged conditioner I'd recommend !
It contains COCONUT MILK which REALLY REALLY moisturizes your hair !
Believe it or not, this is already my 4th bottles !
It's worth it considering its low price ! (around RM 20)
It feels kinda milky :D

8. Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo
 This is a toning shampoo for white/grey hair.
No comment on this. LOL

9. Arimino Spice Mist Moisture 
This little bottle is MAGIC !
It's recommended by the salesperson ! 
It's used before blowdrying hair. 
It gives hair moisture and it's REALLY GOOD.
It makes your hair glossy and shinny after blowdry !
RECOMMENDED ! It's only RM32 !

This is the shampoo that I normally use.
It's a mint shampoo.
It's from BEAVER. (My mom's salon uses this brand)
This shampoo really freshens my hair and scalp and make them healthy :)
I absolutely love this !
But I sometimes find it to be a little too dry though.
(Mint shampoo's good for scalp)

This is the Leave-In Conditioner I use.
Wash Off Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner can be used together.
They are designed and made to work differently.
I use this one to detangle my hair before I blowdry.
It tames down frizzy hair too.

I'm gonna get the Schwarzkopf BC Color Save Spray Conditioner
because it smells kinda awful to MIX and MATCH = =.
The smell just doesn't go well. LOL

If you've got any questions regarding HAIR.
DROP a comment and ASK ME.
That's all for now !
Tarrah ! :)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

a Riot Before CNY !

Hulala ~
Happy CNY in advance !

Seriously, I feel kinda excited these days :D
Because of ... ?
Hmmm I can't describe it with words.
Everything's going on smoothly perhaps ?

You know, Chinese New Year is just a week+ away.
Sale, discounts and RIOTS are everywhere :D
So I've been to a few shopping sessions and grab my stuff.
Have you ?

Very Well.
I've had my very first shopping last Friday, at 1U.
and these are what I bought on that day !

Yay ! I love Shirts with bright colour :D
(But not too colourful)
They are soooooo cheapppppppp, as in price.
You know they aren't something like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, so yeah :D

I'm feeling ESPECIALLY excited these few days.
Why ?
First of all, it's HOLIDAY today. One day off of the college :)
2nd of all, I went to 1U again yesterday, alone, to grab some other stuff :)

Was choosing between these two

It's a long sleeve shirt.
Well. I wanted to get the brown one, initially.
However, I decided to buy the white one
because the other one looks similar to the one which I was wearing on that day. LOL
and I realize that the sleeves are kinda tight just now!
So I'm getting it for an exchange tomorrow !
So I'm going to 1U again tomorrow = =
So I hope I can get it exchanged.
So I might be getting myself another pair of Canvas Shoes tomorrow.
So I hope everything goes just well.

This. They look identical but NOT.
This pic is blurry, but you get the idea yeah.

I bought myself a pair of shoes, on the same goddamn day :)

Looking simple huh ?

I hate wearing long pants.
That's why I'm choosing a very plain pair of shoes so that they go well with short pants :D
You know, it's just not COOL to wear a colourful pair of shoes with short pants.

Continue from the numbering,
3rd of all,
I've finally got my hair dyes and my Silver Shampoo !!

 The Manic Panic Hair dyes !
Top : After Midnight Blue
Bottom : Virgin Snow x 2

Previously, I asked for help from Jinny's cousin to get them for me from the USA.
You know buying them from the US SAVES SO MUCH
If I had bought them online, I would've paid around RM40-50 extra !
So thanks to the cousin :) !

Just yesterday, I received the shampoo which I ordered from StrawberryNet !

This is it !
It's a silver shampoo !

READ the label.

So now I own two bottles of Silver Shampoo.
 The L'Oreal shampoo's the one that I was using previously.

 Look ! They're PURPLE !

 Wanna know more ? Read.

It's Purple ! But the L'Oreal one seems to be darker in colour.
Hmm.. Hope that the new one would just work fine.

In case if you don't know what a Silver Shampoo is for,
I'll explain about it a little.

Silver Shampoo is designed to tone down/take away the brassiness/yellowness in hair.
Bleached hair/ Bleached white hair/ Dyed white hair tends to get brassier over time,
even if you did nothing on it. 
YES. BLEACHED hair can get DARKER in colour by itself.
So you'll need this shampoo to get rid of the brassiness !
But too bad, 
in Malaysia, Schwarzkopf has discontinued this product line. (Color Save Silver)
So the only solution is to get them online (for me)

If you wanna know more about 
Hair-bleaching/ White hair bleaching and dying/ Hair Toner/ Silver Shampoo,
Read this entry

After getting the hair dyes from Jinny today,
I went to Sg. Wang to get my hair products !
I wanted to get the Wella SP Specialist Power Mask !
But guess what ?
I bought more than what I expected =.=

 Wella SP Power Mask + Schwarzkopf Color Save Shampoo + Conditioner + Round Brush
Guess how much are all these ?
RM154 ! ZOMG. So freaking cheap !

The Wella hair mask's RM90 !
It's cheaper than an online seller who's selling it for RM115 ! ZOMG !

Here comes the funny part when I was having a conversation with the salesperson @ Sg. Wang.

Me : Do you have Wella SP Power Mask ?
Seller : Yes ! Promotion now ! Buy 1 FREE 1 !
Me : How much is it ?
Seller : RM160.
Me : *Stunned* *WTF face* .. Buy one FREE one but RM160 ?
Seller : Yes ! It's worth !
Me : *considering* So if I want only a bottle ?
Seller : Oh, it's RM90 then.
Me : *WTF* .. RM90/bottle, RM160/ 2 bottles = Buy 1 Free 1 ????

 Ow..this is so new to me =.=.
 Since it's like Rm25 cheaper than I excpected, I got myself a bottle !

Guess how I ended up buying the Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner ?

Me : I'm looking for shampoo too. Something like Color Save Shampoo. How much is the schwarzkopf Shampoo ?
Seller :  Oh, it's RM54. Buy 1 Free 1.
Me : *WTF FACE* Buy 1 free 1 again ????
Seller : Yes. For RM54, you get the shampoo, and conditioner as well.
(So basically she means, Buy the shampoo and get the conditioner for free)
Me : Wow ? Does it apply on all the other series ?
Seller : Yes. Whenever you buy the shampoo, you'll get the conditioner for free, with the price of RM54.

So this is exciting RIGHT !
That's why, NEVER EVER get your shampoos from Salons !
They're selling them at a higher price !

Get all your professional hair care products At Hair Supply Stores @ Sg. Wang !

This is the mask that I bought.
Someone recommends it on youtube.
RM90/ 400ml. The most expensive hair mask in my collection lol.
But it's 400ML . I guess it's gonna last long :D
It smells like my dad facial scrub. LOL

The Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner smell good too !
You know these Professional Range hair care products smell PROFESSIONAL !
They'll never have funny smell like Strawberry BlackBerry or iPhone(Apple) like those Rejoice Sunsilk -_-
You know those products SUCK.
Believe it or not, PRICE DOES make difference.
You want your hair to be better, GET professional range hair care products !

Now look at the receipt issued...
LOL ! 100% discount =.=
If you're a KL kaki and you wanna get GOOD hair care products,
I recommend this shop ! The aunties there are so friendly LOL !

So now I'm ready to get my hair bleached and gone white !
I'm actually thinking of doing a few strands of highlight but 
I couldn't decide what color to go for !
Any Suggestion ?
Actually considering Red :)
Purple ? Blue ?
Comment ! :)

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Hairstyle does make differences !

Believe it or not,
Hairstyle can change your appearance !

When you open your room window and look out to the street,
you'll see different people with different hairstyles.

Just the case if you want to improve your appearance, or to look better,
a nice hairstyle that "fits your head" is very essential.

Hairstyles are specific. Why ?
Some hairstyles look good on others, but might not look good on you.
So you gotta find out the one which is FOR YOU (or your head).

A mushroom hairstyle makes you look like Goomba (Super Mario)
A nerdy hairstyle makes you look like a nerd. (In general)

Take a look at these : (Photos are all from Google)

 Frizzy + Weary Eyes.
Girl, what have you done yesterday night ?

 A general prototype of NERDS

 ZOMG. Chubby face and frizzy hair ? This is so NOT CUTE !

 Your eyebrows are cool but your hair FAILED !
So you cut your hair with the help of BOWLS ?!

Most of the Study-Nerds and Geeks out there don't seem to care about their hair much.
They LOVE to leave their hair long and frizzy and messy and ... whatever.

Here's the guideline (By myself) :

For Guys : Short and Neat hairstyle is cool enough. Short Spiky's even better (My Fav!). Long hairstyles look awfully disgusting and DIRTY if you don't take care of them well.

Oh yeah. One more thing. If your hair is SUPER CURLY.
Straighten full head instead of just your freaking BANG.
It looks FUCKING DISGUSTING with straight bang infront but curly hair at the back ! 

SEE ?!
If your hair is a little curly, it's still APPROPRIATE to straighten only the FRONT.

For Girls : Straight hair is always good ! Silky and smooth hair gives a feeling of "I'm beautiful~". If your hair's long. Make sure that it's straight,shinny, glossy and silky. Ponytails with all the fly away frizzy hair are NOT CUTE. The worst case, is to tie your instant noodle-like hair in a big freaking chunks which look like ... OMG. Also, curls make you look mature ! (Unless you're short, as in height)

Before I Continue,
The following content is HEAVILY based on Cam-whoring and Narcissism.
If you can't tolerate any form of the oddities (Mentioned above),
Please say "OUCH" and STEP OUT.


Hatred comments are NOT and will NOT be appreciated. -_-


So I've been questioned, always

"Why do you keep your hair long? (and blonde)"

This is kinda an FAQ of all time.
First of all,
If you think that long hair's only for girls and guys could only have short or nerdy hair,
please step out of this blog post with your 1911's thinking and go back to the cave. Thanks.

Well. These are the reasons : 
(All the photos below were INTENTIONALLY and PURPOSELY taken  just for this blog post. Excuse the boring repeating background and my shabby clothes. Also, my hair colours might look different due to FLASH LIGHT and LIGHTINGS. THANKS !)

1st : I don't have to spend HOURS on styling up my hair before I go for an outing !

Let's see how I set my hair everytime before I step out of my house.

At home, I part my hair to the sides 
so that they won't CURL and FIX to the side that they shouldn't.

All down !

 Ready to GO !

Easy huh ? This takes less than 3 min !
I never want to give people the feeling of
"Zomg , You must've spent more than an hour styling your hair before you come !"
This is so NOT cool.
But yeah, some people DO really spend more than an hour spiking up their hair.

2nd : I can be a cyclops !

Seriously, it's nothing fun to be a cyclops (or cyclops-es?)

My mom's always been asking me "Do you see with only one eye?"
My answer "One's more than enough"

At least it's better than covering the both eyes, right ?

3rd : I can tie my hair up !
 I can tie my hair in this way (Without Bang)
But I normally don't do this

Or this way (Side view)
This is cool. I love tying my hair this way.

Ponytails are COOL ! Somehow.
But they look good only on certain people (I'm not implying anything, lol)
It's a failure to tie a ponytail with short hair.
It looks as if a poop's sticking out of your head. YIAKS.

4th : I'm a metalhead !

Metalheads are people who LISTEN to Heavy-Metal Music.
If you don't know how a metalhead looks like,

Long hairstyles make me look more like a Rocker/Metalhead !
(But I don't like being called a "rocker")

"Can you feel the hatred in my eyes ?"

5th : I can HEADBANG !

Now I can headbang in two motions.

 Horizontal Motion

 Vertical Motion.

Looking cool? (Say "Yes")

6th : I can do Avant-Garde hairstyles !

Long hair can be styled up too, just like short hair !

 Fully face-covered hair style

Quarterly face-covered hairstyle with scratches (what?)

Well Well. These hairstyles are not really appropriate for daily style. 

7th : My blonde hair goes well with bright shirts !

I love wearing T's with bright colors !
(White Ts with jeans are BORING)

Look at the vividness ! LOL
Camwhored in a fitting room. I didn't buy this Ts unfortunately.
Due to its absurd cutting (As said by others)

8th : Long blonde hair is YUMMY !

See ! I'm tasting them :) (GROSS!)

So yeah. Coloured long hair is YUMMY.
IF AND ONLY IF you take care of your guys well.
Otherwise, these guys are gonna mess your look up !

Yeah I Love my hair.
I know that you do the same.
You Love My Hair, RIGHT ? (SAY YES)

Excuse me If I'm being a little narcissistic, LOL !
Take good care of your hair !