Sunday, 16 January 2011

A Hairstyle does make differences !

Believe it or not,
Hairstyle can change your appearance !

When you open your room window and look out to the street,
you'll see different people with different hairstyles.

Just the case if you want to improve your appearance, or to look better,
a nice hairstyle that "fits your head" is very essential.

Hairstyles are specific. Why ?
Some hairstyles look good on others, but might not look good on you.
So you gotta find out the one which is FOR YOU (or your head).

A mushroom hairstyle makes you look like Goomba (Super Mario)
A nerdy hairstyle makes you look like a nerd. (In general)

Take a look at these : (Photos are all from Google)

 Frizzy + Weary Eyes.
Girl, what have you done yesterday night ?

 A general prototype of NERDS

 ZOMG. Chubby face and frizzy hair ? This is so NOT CUTE !

 Your eyebrows are cool but your hair FAILED !
So you cut your hair with the help of BOWLS ?!

Most of the Study-Nerds and Geeks out there don't seem to care about their hair much.
They LOVE to leave their hair long and frizzy and messy and ... whatever.

Here's the guideline (By myself) :

For Guys : Short and Neat hairstyle is cool enough. Short Spiky's even better (My Fav!). Long hairstyles look awfully disgusting and DIRTY if you don't take care of them well.

Oh yeah. One more thing. If your hair is SUPER CURLY.
Straighten full head instead of just your freaking BANG.
It looks FUCKING DISGUSTING with straight bang infront but curly hair at the back ! 

SEE ?!
If your hair is a little curly, it's still APPROPRIATE to straighten only the FRONT.

For Girls : Straight hair is always good ! Silky and smooth hair gives a feeling of "I'm beautiful~". If your hair's long. Make sure that it's straight,shinny, glossy and silky. Ponytails with all the fly away frizzy hair are NOT CUTE. The worst case, is to tie your instant noodle-like hair in a big freaking chunks which look like ... OMG. Also, curls make you look mature ! (Unless you're short, as in height)

Before I Continue,
The following content is HEAVILY based on Cam-whoring and Narcissism.
If you can't tolerate any form of the oddities (Mentioned above),
Please say "OUCH" and STEP OUT.


Hatred comments are NOT and will NOT be appreciated. -_-


So I've been questioned, always

"Why do you keep your hair long? (and blonde)"

This is kinda an FAQ of all time.
First of all,
If you think that long hair's only for girls and guys could only have short or nerdy hair,
please step out of this blog post with your 1911's thinking and go back to the cave. Thanks.

Well. These are the reasons : 
(All the photos below were INTENTIONALLY and PURPOSELY taken  just for this blog post. Excuse the boring repeating background and my shabby clothes. Also, my hair colours might look different due to FLASH LIGHT and LIGHTINGS. THANKS !)

1st : I don't have to spend HOURS on styling up my hair before I go for an outing !

Let's see how I set my hair everytime before I step out of my house.

At home, I part my hair to the sides 
so that they won't CURL and FIX to the side that they shouldn't.

All down !

 Ready to GO !

Easy huh ? This takes less than 3 min !
I never want to give people the feeling of
"Zomg , You must've spent more than an hour styling your hair before you come !"
This is so NOT cool.
But yeah, some people DO really spend more than an hour spiking up their hair.

2nd : I can be a cyclops !

Seriously, it's nothing fun to be a cyclops (or cyclops-es?)

My mom's always been asking me "Do you see with only one eye?"
My answer "One's more than enough"

At least it's better than covering the both eyes, right ?

3rd : I can tie my hair up !
 I can tie my hair in this way (Without Bang)
But I normally don't do this

Or this way (Side view)
This is cool. I love tying my hair this way.

Ponytails are COOL ! Somehow.
But they look good only on certain people (I'm not implying anything, lol)
It's a failure to tie a ponytail with short hair.
It looks as if a poop's sticking out of your head. YIAKS.

4th : I'm a metalhead !

Metalheads are people who LISTEN to Heavy-Metal Music.
If you don't know how a metalhead looks like,

Long hairstyles make me look more like a Rocker/Metalhead !
(But I don't like being called a "rocker")

"Can you feel the hatred in my eyes ?"

5th : I can HEADBANG !

Now I can headbang in two motions.

 Horizontal Motion

 Vertical Motion.

Looking cool? (Say "Yes")

6th : I can do Avant-Garde hairstyles !

Long hair can be styled up too, just like short hair !

 Fully face-covered hair style

Quarterly face-covered hairstyle with scratches (what?)

Well Well. These hairstyles are not really appropriate for daily style. 

7th : My blonde hair goes well with bright shirts !

I love wearing T's with bright colors !
(White Ts with jeans are BORING)

Look at the vividness ! LOL
Camwhored in a fitting room. I didn't buy this Ts unfortunately.
Due to its absurd cutting (As said by others)

8th : Long blonde hair is YUMMY !

See ! I'm tasting them :) (GROSS!)

So yeah. Coloured long hair is YUMMY.
IF AND ONLY IF you take care of your guys well.
Otherwise, these guys are gonna mess your look up !

Yeah I Love my hair.
I know that you do the same.
You Love My Hair, RIGHT ? (SAY YES)

Excuse me If I'm being a little narcissistic, LOL !
Take good care of your hair !


  1. LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Hahahhahaa!! I think the tying half thing works pretty well! Even with the fringe up! And interesting post!! =) I like! Haha. =D

  2. Lol your hair is smoother than a girl's hair. Nice write up though :)

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  5. Agree! :D I like your blonde hair :( i envy it.
    LOL. xP btw, nice head banging picture :D

  6. funny= =...hahahaaa
    i means ur photo...=)

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  8. I agree, hairstyle can either ugly-fy or beautify you LOL HAHAHA cool head banging photos and I didnt know blonde hair can be yummeh! :P

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    (no offense) ..haha!!

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    ur hair look so cool.. trendy yea !

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  17. you forgot to mention wavy hair! you know, you've a very typical asian taste when it comes to hair. u prefer straight hair. =) nothing wrong with it except I think all types of hair are beautiful on people but u have to just take care of it and maintain it at a healthy length.

    clean = healthy hair.

  18. I LOVE your hair, I said it too~! :DDD
    I don't know what's wrong with those people that think all guys should have only short either.
    Personally, I like a guy with long hair. >D

    This is the first time I've ever gone seriously blonde, and I agree, it does make a difference. Especially lightening your facial hair too. My eyes stand out so much more. O:

    you are one awesome guy. 8)

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