Monday, 31 January 2011

Innit Lou Sang Gathering !

My very first gathering
with the Inniters !

It was a real grande gathering !
I heard there were more than 35 of us !
woot !

28/1/2011 (Friday)
I attended an Innit gathering @ Sri Melaka, 1U.
It's like "Everyone in Innit is GOING!"
Yeah seriously.
There were so many of us !
4 Tables in total ?
The Dress Code's RED or Pink or Equivalent lol :)T

Supposedly, it's planned to start at 8pm.
I was facing a little of the hair disaster before setting off = =.
Wanna know more about it ?

Here :

Kuro, Jacob and I arrived almost an hour late LOL.
We were stuck in the parking garage :(
We couldn't find a parking lot ~ lol

When 3 of us got into the restaurant,
we were like....XD
SHY *Blush*
But the peepers were friendly and kind enough :D
Finally meeting the inniters in real life huh :)

I just want to say that I couldn't recognize MOST of you LOL !
Photos speak a goddamnanozillion of words so I shall stop with the writing now.

T-V-Tiga :)

Me, Tikus, YY

Stephanie's playing with mai hairrrrrrrrr LOL

Lou Sang (Before)

Lou Sang (In Progress)

Lou Sang (After) = =....

Raise it high :)

Who messed up the Lou Sang ???
(You know who you are =.=)

YY's doing the MATHS

 Kuro, Me, Jacob, Jayren

All in one :)

In all,
it was a great gathering
despite the fact that I was too shy to TALK XD...
Sorry if I couldn't recognize you :D
Looking forward to the next gathering yeah :)
and Thanks to Xing, for being such an awesome organizer yeah :D

(Some of the photos above were taken from fb)

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