Sunday, 2 January 2011

New PC ! New Love ! Core i7 !

Intel Core i7 !
My new love :D

New year, New PC
Cool huh ?
Yesterday (1/1/2011)
I got my new PC

I had been using the old Pentium D 2.8GHz for 3 years.
Pentium D is actually a dual-cored processer
though it's only a combination of two Pentium 4 CPUs.
Few days ago,
my dad offered me a great deal.
Pass him the Pentium D (together with the BenQ 22' LCD monitor)
and he'd buy me a new set (Woot?)
Great right ? lol

So my dad gave me an amount of money to buy a new set of PC :)
Initially, I planned to get the Intel Core i5 760 for CPU.
However, NONE of the shops at lowyat has got stock for it.
The reason is that the Motherboard and CPU for Socket LGA 1156 has been stopped
and the Sandy Bridge socket LGA 1155 is coming very very soon.
6/1/2011 for Malaysia.
Somebody told me that Malaysia is the FIRST country to release the Sandy Bridge.. o.O

Since I failed to get the i5 760,
I got myself the Core i7 870  (LGA 1156) =.=.
and I paid RM200+ extra. WTF.

The major differences between i5 760 and i7 870 are :
1. Hyperthreading Technology (760 doesn't support HT)
2. 760's 4cores/4threads and 870's 4cores/8threads
3. Core speed (2.8GHz vs 2.93 GHz)
and blah blah blah.

It was a challenging journey I must say !
I bought all the components SEPARATELY from different shops.
I was issued more than 5 receipts =.=

Eventually, my full rig  :

Intel Core i7 870
CM Extreme Power 500W
Kingston PC1333 DDR3 2GB x 2
Gigabyte Nvidia GT240 512MB-D5
W.D. 1TB
W.D. 320GB (Old)
HP DVD1270 (LightScribe?)
LG 23' E2350T LED Monitor
CM G-lite 310 Black Case
Edifier C3 (Old Speaker)

intel core i7
All in the boxes :D

I assembled everything myself :)

Cooler Master
The case, out-side look. Not so cool.

Cooler Master
 The inside. It comes with two fans and some random stuff.

Cooler Master
The fan

Time to Unbox and Assemble :D

intel core i7
Oh ya. A screwdriver set is a necessity

First comes the PSU
Cooler Master

Cooler Master

Then comes the MoBo
Asus H55

Done with the PSU and MoBo.
Cooler Master

The worst part - Connecting the cables of the Rear Panel.
I can never get it right without the help of Manual.
Asus H55

Asus H55
Perfect ! :D

Next the CPU.

Intel core i7
Intel core i7
 CPU installed

Intel core i7
 CPU Cooler installed

Intel core i7
Connecting all the cables

Then the DVD-RW Drive

 This DVD writer offers a feature which is known as the "LightScribe Technology"
I guess it can do the labelling job with the lasers ?

Next the VGA.

Well. EVGA Nvidia GT240 1GBD5 was what I wanted.
Again, No shop has stock for it. WTF.
So I got the Gigabytes' instead. (512MB of Memory)

I didn't install my HDD immediately 
because I had to transfer my files and documents from the old to new HDD.

Intel core i7
Messyyyy. Ignore the stool :)
Extra PC/laptop's always needed - Google it, in case you face any problems.

Unpacking the LED Screen :D

LG E2350

LG E2350

LG E2350
Comparison between 22' and 23'

LG E2350
The 23' is much wider but shorter (Height)

After transferring my files and formatting my dad's PC.

Install the HDDs !

Intel Inside
Everything's inside :)
It's kinda heavy (and messy)

Intel Inside
The back panel.

Intel Inside
 The fan has got useless blue LED on it. -_-

Formatting my PC.........

 LG E2350
The monitor is pretty cool.
The buttons are all touch buttons :D

First run ! :D
 LG E2350
 14' Vs 23'
Yes I installed Windows XP SP 2.
To me, it's the best OS ever developed by Microsoft.
Newer isn't always better.
However, it's Windows 7 Home on my Laptop.

 LG E2350
23' LED screen's wooty-hooty :D !
I can now watch movies in Full HD ~
2 things that I hate about the monitor :
- Lighting (Too Bright)
- Shorter in comparison to 22' (harder to play o2jam....)

Not a super extreme rig but it's more than enough for me :D


  1. U know what!! U have the same 23" Screen and the same CPU like my boy!! Hahaha.. he just bought last month!! =]

    U're a student?? o,O

  2. WahH~~ Help me to install also la~ haha~~

  3. wa!! so nice!! happy new year!! :D

  4. whoa! cool desktop! i also juz bought a laptop, but i5 only XD

  5. pro laa u~~! i dont even know how to install any single thing.

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  7. Wow, you can save a lot by doing self-assemble ya? Nice work there! Btw, won't it be eye's ache by having wide screen LCD..? I mean when doing office work. Ohya, Happy 2011!

  8. @bendan yeah. student

    @Nicole if you pay me $$ XD

    @simon my laptop's i5 too :D

    @cally thx ~~~~~~~ XD

    @chenlin yeah. Save lotsa $. Err...I think you just have to get used to it. Screen brightness and contrast are important too. If you set everything right, it won't be a problem.

  9. Wow. First time I read of someone assembling their own processor. Is there a really big difference between the i5 and i7 processor? I'm currently using a notebook with i5 processor, just curious if the i7 is better :)

  10. WTA. your pc read the memory 4gb or less? you use windows xp 32bit or 64bit?

  11. @Amy : mobile(laptop) and desktop processors are different. You can't compare them. :)
    In general, i7 is the top line of the i-series processor.Some differences between i5 and i7 are the HT technology, numbers of core, built-in GPU and stuff. You can compare the specifications of each processor at their website.

    @hui my computer shows less because im using a 32-bit Windows XP. Only 64-bit Windows XP supports 4GB of RAM or more :)

  12. blue LED~~~
    nice ~ happy new year :)

  13. Naise la! :D got new PC :D haha! x)
    and amazing,, your previous one stands for 3 years :D

  14. first i am IT noob~~~i just know a bit of the stuffs inside a pc.hahalooks like someone had received an amount of money to get another set of pc. may i ask how mcuh is that amount of money that u spent..macam tak de harga hor~~~ buy buy buy only !!!kaya hor!!!
    i am using xp sp3. still feel that's the best OS ever developed but still having some problem that cannot be solved. this XP very easy kena attack by virus one. anyway, i can see the stool and ... the messy stuffs.hahah..i guess that's the great experience by buying all the stuffs and DIY to assemble all that...


    Greetings from Nic da Nic

    Happy Belated New Year

  15. @Nic : around 2.6k. I don't want to use SP3 before i'm afraid of driver compatibility issue. and SP2 works just fine for me.