Thursday, 20 January 2011

a Riot Before CNY !

Hulala ~
Happy CNY in advance !

Seriously, I feel kinda excited these days :D
Because of ... ?
Hmmm I can't describe it with words.
Everything's going on smoothly perhaps ?

You know, Chinese New Year is just a week+ away.
Sale, discounts and RIOTS are everywhere :D
So I've been to a few shopping sessions and grab my stuff.
Have you ?

Very Well.
I've had my very first shopping last Friday, at 1U.
and these are what I bought on that day !

Yay ! I love Shirts with bright colour :D
(But not too colourful)
They are soooooo cheapppppppp, as in price.
You know they aren't something like Lacoste or Ralph Lauren, so yeah :D

I'm feeling ESPECIALLY excited these few days.
Why ?
First of all, it's HOLIDAY today. One day off of the college :)
2nd of all, I went to 1U again yesterday, alone, to grab some other stuff :)

Was choosing between these two

It's a long sleeve shirt.
Well. I wanted to get the brown one, initially.
However, I decided to buy the white one
because the other one looks similar to the one which I was wearing on that day. LOL
and I realize that the sleeves are kinda tight just now!
So I'm getting it for an exchange tomorrow !
So I'm going to 1U again tomorrow = =
So I hope I can get it exchanged.
So I might be getting myself another pair of Canvas Shoes tomorrow.
So I hope everything goes just well.

This. They look identical but NOT.
This pic is blurry, but you get the idea yeah.

I bought myself a pair of shoes, on the same goddamn day :)

Looking simple huh ?

I hate wearing long pants.
That's why I'm choosing a very plain pair of shoes so that they go well with short pants :D
You know, it's just not COOL to wear a colourful pair of shoes with short pants.

Continue from the numbering,
3rd of all,
I've finally got my hair dyes and my Silver Shampoo !!

 The Manic Panic Hair dyes !
Top : After Midnight Blue
Bottom : Virgin Snow x 2

Previously, I asked for help from Jinny's cousin to get them for me from the USA.
You know buying them from the US SAVES SO MUCH
If I had bought them online, I would've paid around RM40-50 extra !
So thanks to the cousin :) !

Just yesterday, I received the shampoo which I ordered from StrawberryNet !

This is it !
It's a silver shampoo !

READ the label.

So now I own two bottles of Silver Shampoo.
 The L'Oreal shampoo's the one that I was using previously.

 Look ! They're PURPLE !

 Wanna know more ? Read.

It's Purple ! But the L'Oreal one seems to be darker in colour.
Hmm.. Hope that the new one would just work fine.

In case if you don't know what a Silver Shampoo is for,
I'll explain about it a little.

Silver Shampoo is designed to tone down/take away the brassiness/yellowness in hair.
Bleached hair/ Bleached white hair/ Dyed white hair tends to get brassier over time,
even if you did nothing on it. 
YES. BLEACHED hair can get DARKER in colour by itself.
So you'll need this shampoo to get rid of the brassiness !
But too bad, 
in Malaysia, Schwarzkopf has discontinued this product line. (Color Save Silver)
So the only solution is to get them online (for me)

If you wanna know more about 
Hair-bleaching/ White hair bleaching and dying/ Hair Toner/ Silver Shampoo,
Read this entry

After getting the hair dyes from Jinny today,
I went to Sg. Wang to get my hair products !
I wanted to get the Wella SP Specialist Power Mask !
But guess what ?
I bought more than what I expected =.=

 Wella SP Power Mask + Schwarzkopf Color Save Shampoo + Conditioner + Round Brush
Guess how much are all these ?
RM154 ! ZOMG. So freaking cheap !

The Wella hair mask's RM90 !
It's cheaper than an online seller who's selling it for RM115 ! ZOMG !

Here comes the funny part when I was having a conversation with the salesperson @ Sg. Wang.

Me : Do you have Wella SP Power Mask ?
Seller : Yes ! Promotion now ! Buy 1 FREE 1 !
Me : How much is it ?
Seller : RM160.
Me : *Stunned* *WTF face* .. Buy one FREE one but RM160 ?
Seller : Yes ! It's worth !
Me : *considering* So if I want only a bottle ?
Seller : Oh, it's RM90 then.
Me : *WTF* .. RM90/bottle, RM160/ 2 bottles = Buy 1 Free 1 ????

 Ow..this is so new to me =.=.
 Since it's like Rm25 cheaper than I excpected, I got myself a bottle !

Guess how I ended up buying the Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner ?

Me : I'm looking for shampoo too. Something like Color Save Shampoo. How much is the schwarzkopf Shampoo ?
Seller :  Oh, it's RM54. Buy 1 Free 1.
Me : *WTF FACE* Buy 1 free 1 again ????
Seller : Yes. For RM54, you get the shampoo, and conditioner as well.
(So basically she means, Buy the shampoo and get the conditioner for free)
Me : Wow ? Does it apply on all the other series ?
Seller : Yes. Whenever you buy the shampoo, you'll get the conditioner for free, with the price of RM54.

So this is exciting RIGHT !
That's why, NEVER EVER get your shampoos from Salons !
They're selling them at a higher price !

Get all your professional hair care products At Hair Supply Stores @ Sg. Wang !

This is the mask that I bought.
Someone recommends it on youtube.
RM90/ 400ml. The most expensive hair mask in my collection lol.
But it's 400ML . I guess it's gonna last long :D
It smells like my dad facial scrub. LOL

The Schwarzkopf shampoo and conditioner smell good too !
You know these Professional Range hair care products smell PROFESSIONAL !
They'll never have funny smell like Strawberry BlackBerry or iPhone(Apple) like those Rejoice Sunsilk -_-
You know those products SUCK.
Believe it or not, PRICE DOES make difference.
You want your hair to be better, GET professional range hair care products !

Now look at the receipt issued...
LOL ! 100% discount =.=
If you're a KL kaki and you wanna get GOOD hair care products,
I recommend this shop ! The aunties there are so friendly LOL !

So now I'm ready to get my hair bleached and gone white !
I'm actually thinking of doing a few strands of highlight but 
I couldn't decide what color to go for !
Any Suggestion ?
Actually considering Red :)
Purple ? Blue ?
Comment ! :)


  1. hair investment is always worth it ! hehe
    try purple ba xD

  2. rofl ... the promotion is epic XD ...

  3. wah!!!! u get urself clothes and ur beautiful hair.. sei lor..then other bloggers like me need to save their hair off. hahahaha

  4. hahahah y purple colour geh ?! i love bright colour shirt too :D

  5. Wow you really bought a lot of stuffs. haha

  6. whoa... Ur wallet must be screaminggg by the end of da day... :P

  7. red is good! and u should sum up the amount of money you spent!

  8. 欣苓 : It's purple so that the YELLOW pigments in hair can be neutralized to achieve white hair !

    Chloe, Xing : Yeah purple and red are actually the colors that I'll probably do. or Maybe Pink ?

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  10. Wao! You love purple~ High 5!

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  11. OMG You spend so much on hair products! I salute you, I'm so kiamsiap when it comes to hair )):