Thursday, 27 January 2011

So What's THE FUSS ?

Just a little ranting
about what's happening recently.

Since my dad's getting me my breakfast
and I'm a little free now, literally,
I'm writing a little to COMPLAIN !

First of all,
I got my hair done.
Well it's not as white as expected
But the colour's bright too !
My hair's rebonded as well.
Luckily they don't fall off lol.
Spent an epic 7 hours in the salon = =.
I'm kinda disappointed that I did not get any highlights :(
but...well ! Let's keep it fierce, for the next time, TURQUOISE !
Will update on my hairdo soon :D

2nd of all,
I've NEVER EVER tried such things.
your lecturer gives you an assignment
and says that it'll be due on Thursday.
On the instructions given,
it's stated that this assignment's due on WEDNESDAY.
I didn't quite understand the instruction so I left it undone.
(Since lecturer says that it's due the next day)
Here comes the climax.
When I got to the college yesterday,
my friend told me that we should hand in our assignment FUCKING TODAY
,before 4PM.
I was like......."FUCK YOU !!!!!!!!"

Luckily, I brought my laptop and it's just a very simple assignment.
My friend and I managed to finish and print it within 1 hour. LOL
It's just an assignment on Cover Letter after all :)

On the same day, yesterday.
The same lecturer assigned us a task at 12pm,
on Format of Resume.
So we were given 2 hours to find information about it,
make it into presentation slides and present it at 2pm.
yes. 2 HOURS is enough ? 
Don't forget about our Cover Letter Assignment = =

I was technically dumped into a group with the foreigners,
together with my partner, called the "Weng Hong".
I'm not trying to be a racist but being in a group with the foreigners SUCKS !!!

I'll tell you why.
One of the group members, a girl
found all the information needed to be presented.
She passed me all the COPY AND PASTE info
and asked me to do a slide.
I'm fine with it.
So I made a presentation slideshow with Powerpoint..within 1 hour..
I've to go through all the info given and arrange them into a minimum of 10 slides.
It's okay.

After a short break,
at 2pm, we were to present our work.
So you guess what the fuck kind of reason did all of the foreigners give ?
"We(I) can't present cause we(I) don't know what you've put into the slides"

WHAT THE FUCK -_- (font size = 72)

I'm presenting then.
That's the fullstop of the COMPLAINT.

Let's enjoy the rest of the week and CNY !
I can't wait to attend the innit gathering too, on this Friday !
Though I'm feeling a little too shy LOL !
It's like "Everyone's GOING !"

See you THERE ! :)


  1. Wah seh. That's why I hate group work with others. I'd go for solo.

  2. chilling de milling memebernglam!

  3. liaoooo why your course mate so like that

  4. ANTI those who do copy paste work! *throw shit at them*