Saturday, 22 January 2011

You CHOOSE my hair color ! Hair Care Tips !

Color for my next hair highlights ?
You CHOOSE the color for me !

Doesn't this look GORGEOUS ?!

If you'd been following my blog,
you would probably know that I'm getting my hair bleached and done white soon.
1st and foremost,
(White hair is hard to achieve !)

So instead of doing just full-head white,
I am actually thinking of getting a few strands of hightlight !
I can't really decide what colors to go for.
That's why I'm now creating a poll , seeking for opinions :D

Basically, I myself prefer dark pink highlights.
I'll show you some picturesssssssss.

Dark Pink :
This is the best choice of all?

Red :
CNY right !

Blue : 
This is so NOT right !

Purple :
This blends kinda well with white hair huh ?

Green :
Totally OUT ! 

Note : All the photos above are for reference purpose. 
I'm not gonna do these colors on full head.

Here comes the poll !
survey service

I'm planning to create a hair blog for myself,
so that I can update SOLELY on my hairdo routine and hair care/maintenance tips !

Before that,
I'd like to share some products which I'll be using for the next part of my HAIR PROJECT !

Manic Panic Hair Dyes which I've just gotten from US.
 AfterMidnight Blue, Virgin Snow.

 After Midnight Blue
It's supposedly a blue hair dye. But it just looks kinda purplish !

The result achieved with this hair dye would be something like this

Looks purple ? 
One thing which I LOVE about this,
is that it would fade to TURQUOISE !! WOOT.
But I'm not gonna use it for now.
Keep it for the NEXT hair colouring ! (Turquoise)

Tadaaaaaaaa ~ This is the Manic Panic Virgin Snow Toner
It's a hair toner. 
It's in purple so that it'd cancel out the yellow pigment in bleached hair :)

Now, the Products and Maintenance part.
If your hair's damaged and coarse,
consider reading.

Hair, especially chemically-treated, needs EXTRA care to maintain in a good condition.
 If you get your hair bleached and dyed often,
you'll need to be DOUBLE EXTRA patient with your hair.

Here I'll recommend you some GOOD hair care products !

These are what I'll be using !

From Left :
1. Redken Color Extend Shine Enrich Protective Shine Serum 
Apparently, this serum is for coloured hair.
It helps maintain your hair color, making it long-lasting and shinny !
It tames frizz too !

2. Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide Protective Smoother
This is more of a Heat Protectant Serum actually.
It's SUPER GREAT for those who often blowdry their hair straight like me !
It gives your hair a layer of protection and prevents your hair from damage done by the heat of hairdryers!
It helps in straightening and taming the frizz as well !

3. Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Reconstructor
If you bleached and colored your hair often, your hair'd become fragile and would break and fall off easily !
This is because hair bleach actually strips away the protein in your hair !
So you'll need this to restore protein to your hair ! It's HYPER-rich in protein !
My hair's been bleached for 7 times including touch up, and it doesn't fall like shit !
A MUST GET for those who get their hair bleached !

4. Wella SP Specialist Power Mask
 It's marked that this mask is for COARSE and VERY DAMAGED Hair.
I just got this 2 days ago and I haven't tried on it yet !
I'll do a review on this after I try this out ! It's a little pricey though. lol

5. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Color Save Sulfate Free Shampoo
 This is just like any other shampoos for color-treated hair LOL !
Not much to say on this.

6. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy Color Save Conditioner
 This conditioner is very moisturizing and conditioning ! I'd actually feel it right after I use it !
Recommended !

7. Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner
 This is the ONE and ONLY consumer-ranged conditioner I'd recommend !
It contains COCONUT MILK which REALLY REALLY moisturizes your hair !
Believe it or not, this is already my 4th bottles !
It's worth it considering its low price ! (around RM 20)
It feels kinda milky :D

8. Rusk Sensories Bright Shampoo
 This is a toning shampoo for white/grey hair.
No comment on this. LOL

9. Arimino Spice Mist Moisture 
This little bottle is MAGIC !
It's recommended by the salesperson ! 
It's used before blowdrying hair. 
It gives hair moisture and it's REALLY GOOD.
It makes your hair glossy and shinny after blowdry !
RECOMMENDED ! It's only RM32 !

This is the shampoo that I normally use.
It's a mint shampoo.
It's from BEAVER. (My mom's salon uses this brand)
This shampoo really freshens my hair and scalp and make them healthy :)
I absolutely love this !
But I sometimes find it to be a little too dry though.
(Mint shampoo's good for scalp)

This is the Leave-In Conditioner I use.
Wash Off Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner can be used together.
They are designed and made to work differently.
I use this one to detangle my hair before I blowdry.
It tames down frizzy hair too.

I'm gonna get the Schwarzkopf BC Color Save Spray Conditioner
because it smells kinda awful to MIX and MATCH = =.
The smell just doesn't go well. LOL

If you've got any questions regarding HAIR.
DROP a comment and ASK ME.
That's all for now !
Tarrah ! :)


  1. red would be nice.. CNY mah :)

  2. haha! yaya, red for a bigger angpows XD

  3. wtf. O: you dye your hair worse than a girl does. :P anyways, still going with the HOT PINK on your hair. :D it would look awesome. :)) looking forward for it actually :D

  4. i meant, you dye your hair like crazy more than a girl does. haha.

  5. i'll prefer red.. where can i but the shampoo

  6. i wan zhu gan hong,ngap si cheng XD

  7. Thanks for introducing those products, I've been finding a suitable conditioner and now I have something in mind alrdy, the blue one from herbal essence! :D

  8. hey, where can i get bed head (dumb blonde)?

  9. @Vey you can get bed bead from Salon/Hair beauty supply or Sasa (Might be alitte more expensive)

  10. Where can i buy the Beaver leave in hair conditioners ?

  11. @* Jupiter lady * Salons. Some salons carry that brand.