Sunday, 13 March 2011

My Nintendo Wii + Guitar Hero 6

It’s been a
really GREAT WEEK.

Have been feeling really relieved after the submission of assignments.
Bunch of assignments will be coming soon .. but yeah. lol

I’ve been feeling rather excited this week. 

First of all,
The chicks have hatched out of the eggs :)

Aren’t they cute ?!

Second of all,
We’re finally done with the ETE Lab Reports !

There was an ASUS talk on lastest computer technology on Thursday.
It’s compulsary to attend and I was feeling so reluctant to go !
Guess what ?
I answered a really simple question and
I was given magazines and a multifunction knife. LOL
The question was something like,
What’s the name of the Intel’s latest CPU architecture ?
What else could it be ?
It’s the SANDY BRIDGE !!!!!!!!!!!

10032011019 Spot the Knife ?

I’ve just bought my FIRST EVER game consoles !
It’s the Nintendo Wii :D
A poor guy like me has never owned a game console :(
Not even a GameBoy :((
It’s alright LOL.
I’m not really into Gaming anyway.

I ordered my Nintendo Wii and Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock on Lowyat Forum
I really recommend this seller/shop because they do provide great service :D
In terms of response I mean.
If you’re interested, Click Here
They do have a shop at Low Yat Plaza.
They are located at the very CORNER in the Digi Store @ Ground Floor.

So on Friday, yesterday,
I went to Low Yat and
got my Nintendo Wii for RM10xx and Guitar Hero guiter bundle for RM375.
*Got stuck in the traffic really badly ==

After attending a “Paid-to-attend” Birthday party,
I finally unpacked my stuff :)

Nintendo Wii + Guitar Hero : Warriors of Rock Guitar Bundle :D

It comes with a 250GB EXT HDD and 2 Sets of Remote
Aren't these really worth?!

Remote Control + Nunchuk
I’m really lazy to snap and show them 1 by 1.
Just get me over –_-

Let’s unpack THIS ! :D

Jiang Jiang Jiang Jiang ~
The Guitar :)

The Guitar and The Game (DVD)
(I couldn't find a better spot in my room lol)

The Song List

Run the Wii !

Super Mario Galaxy 2. lol

My Nintendo Wii is Korean Ver.
It’s pre-soft-modded.
The HDD comes with 138 Games (As said by the seller)
I’ve only tested some of them.

I planned to play the Wii on my LED Monitor
But too bad,
I couldn’t get a VGA Box !
Unlike PS3,
Wii only supports AV/Component output :(
I’m still getting the Wii because of the way the games are played lol.
I don’t really like RPG games or whatever games that destroy my brain cell –_-
Another reason is that,
Nintendo is somewhat = Super Mario,
Super Mario = I like it.


Because I was unable to get a VGA Box,
so I couldn’t play my games on the LED Monitor.
so I took a big-assed TV into my room,
(which really occupies the space of my room CRAZILY)
and play games with it.
I’m gonna get the VGA cable/Convertor
and I’m gonna
THROW this freaking TV out of my room right away !

I didn’t want to play with the LCD TV in the living room
because …….
none of my family members knows that I bought Wii..

Few bad things about the TV.
The speaker of the TV can’t really satisfy me
so I connect a set of speaker to it :D

Looking like a rabbit ?
The calender’s to hold the Sensor bar in position.

The graph quality is like SHIT.

Comparison !
GH3 @ PC, GH6 @ Wii.
I’d really like to play it on the monitor even though it’s smaller.
Guess what? T
This freaking noobish TV isn’t even 16:9 *Puke*

Ok. I know that My room’s messy
Maybe we can play a game.
Spot these items :
3 Subwoofers
2 Extensions
2 Mobile Phones
Toilet Paper
Hair Dryer
Ipod Video

and this is where I place my Wii :D

and Finally,
If you own a Wii console as well,

Add me :D !

I guess that’s all ! BUAI !!!!!!


  1. ada raving rabbit?i wan play that i wan play that i wan play that i wan play that~~~~~~~~~

  2. pokemon的有吗?XD

  3. Anonymous : 我不喜欢玩 Pokemon =3=