Friday, 29 April 2011

My hair dye collection :)


Exam's over and I'm finally FREE.
FREE after 4 subjects in a row !
there was no sembreak after my exam.
Which means,
My sem2 would just start on NEXT MONDAY.

Guess what ?
before sitting for the last paper today,
we're told that we're given a 1-week BREAK.
ZOMG. This is what we call a "surprise" !

Invited the peeper buddies to my house right after exam.
we've had a good wii dancing session lol.

Those 10 bottles of hair dye have just arrived my house few days ago.
When I opened the parcel,
I was like "WHAT-THE-TUT"
Those pots were leaking like pipe !
and two of them have actually damaged inside the package !


Damaged Pots ! ZOMG !

Immediately, I sent a message to the seller regarding this issue.
She/he was kind enough to offer me replacement or refund :)
I requested replacements :D
I transferred the hair dye above to other empty bottles lol.
That pink hair dye isn't mine actually.
Someone on fb TUMPANG my purchase.
Since I'm getting replacement for it...
Now I've got an extra bottle of pink hair dye XDDD !

As I said in earlier post,
I'm actually kinda "collecting" hair dyes with different colours.
and I'm treating my hair sorta like a canvas !
I can paint those colourssss on my hair whenever I feel like :D

For now,
these are what I own.
Turquoise x 8
Blue x 1
Toner x 3
Cerise x 1
Plum x 1
Pink x1 

Let's have a closer look on these :
Pink, Cerise, Plum
If you've noticed,
There's a pink-like streak in my hair.
It's actually the cerise hair dye (middle bottle)
Unlike the cerise hair dye,
The left bottle is actually a really real pink hair dye :)
I'm gonna wear it so soon XD !
and Apparently, the PLUM is purple :)
I'm gonna play with these 3 colours for the highlights !

I put all these hair dyes into a box that doesn't even fit. lol
See. It's a paper box. All for the environment !

oh and today,
I went to buy conditioner @ Sg. Wang.
I bought the Schwarzkopf Color Save Conditioner.
The pricing was quite hilarious.
The conditioner was labelled RM151.
When I took it to the counter and asked for the price,
the salesperson told me it's RM80 =.=
RM80 ! 

You compre,
the 200ml bottle costs RM37
the 1L giant costs RM80 !
SDFIJ@#$IH#@)$H !!!
I grabbed it without any BITS of hesitation !

Now !
My next hair dye plan :
with plum + pink highlights ! :D

Something like this !

I've once had turquoise hair, just so you know :)

It faded really quickly but I ABSOLUTELY LIKE IT
I can't wait to get this color back in my hair AGAIN ! 
I'm gonna wear this color for AT LEAST 1 MONTH !

Doesn't this mermaid-like hair look GORGEOUS ?!
What do you think ?!
I'm gonna go WILD AND WILD AND WILD with the COLOURssss. 
(Notice the S'es)


  1. Walao. so many turquoise!? o.o

  2. Hey there, just wondering, where did you buy the hair dye from and how much did it cost? Does the colour last? Did you have to buy in bulk? I can't find proper hairdye here in Malaysia, only that bullshit Loreal stuff in pharmacies that promise to dye my hair endless shades of identical brown...

    PS: You should try turquoise + black or plum&pink + black, I think it would suit your face :) (if that is you in the picture...)

  3. @Bekah Hi. I bought my hairdye on ebay. It costs around RM15/pot. You don't have to buy them in bulk. Also, for a wider range of hair dyes(colours), you should approach salon/hair beauty supply. They offer more colours and you should know that light colours need pre-bleaching yeah ?

    Btw I have already done turquoise. You can check here

  4. rm15? that is cheap~ can you give me the seller's link? i have been looking for dramatic colours hair dye too

  5. i'm the same anonymous as the above, can you please sent the link to my email?

  6. Where do i get these hair dyes?? i wanna color my hair purple... like DIY hair dying, pleae ehit me up

  7. Hi,Could you please send a link for where you bought these hair dye? Im interested on dying my hair this coming holiday as im a student in Secondary school.Thanks alot :D

  8. Is it possible to buy the dye from u ? Turqouise colour.

  9. To those who are interested in getting the hairdyes, u can send me an email
    So that i can get back to you :)

  10. Hey,I email you already.Please reply to me ASAP,i really need those hair dyes quickly before my sistr's wedding :D and my name is Camelia Fauzi.i just recently email you on the 17th July 2012.Please read :D u have really killer hair! Love it!

  11. Hi , i love ur hair.can u email me the link too...

  12. hi, can i actually buy it from you? :) please email me so we can contact!

  13. hi, can i actually buy it from you? :) please email me so we can contact!

  14. hi, can i actually buy it from you? :) please email me so we can contact!

  15. hi, can i actually buy it from you? :) please email me so we can contact!

  16. Hey would you send me a link of the shop, pretty please (: It'll save me so much trouble!

  17. Any enquiries, please drop me an email at Thanks !

  18. Hi, I have sent you an email pls check and reply me ASAP :)

  19. Hii im going to dip-dye my hair really soon . I HAVE DARK BLACK HAIR and i wanna dye it pink . So i need to buy the bleech and pink dye . Does anyone know which can i get it from in sunway pyramid ? ASAP thankss . xx

  20. @Anonymous I'd recommend getting them from beauty supply stores in Sg. Wang as they're sold at lower prices. Otherwise, hair salons do sell them I believe :)

  21. hello, can i know where to buy the hair dye? my email: your help is appreciated!

  22. hye 2 questions, is the supplier from malaysia or overseas and can i kinda like buy it through you? hehehe