Sunday, 24 April 2011

Pronounce These Brand Names ?

Pronounce them !

Brands are everywhere (What?!)
When you walk into a shopping mall
you see brand names like

Jean Paul Gaultier

As you walk past it,
you say ..
"Jeen Pohl ..... ??"


or when you see a car drifting away from you with a lion logo looking like this
(lame opening, I know. lol)

and you go "Ohh ! It's PIU-GIOT"
OWwwww..What ?!
Is this how it's pronounced ?!

I actually asked some of my friends
on the pronunciation of this little lion
and each and every one of them said "PIU-GIOT"
YES. Just like how it's SPELLED.

I actually wrote on this topic
But now I'm gonna come up with an updated version :D

Before that,
It's entirely up to you to decide
how you're gonna pronounce these brands (words).
In a steak restaurant,
Do you order Steak or Stick ?
It's up to you right :)

Stick -> [Stik]
Steak -> [Steik]

I'm just sharing what I know. lol

Note : I'm writing the pronunciation in a malaysian sense ok :D

1. LV (French) - Louis Vuitton : Lu-ee Vwee-TohN
  "S" at the end of a word isn't pronounced in french.
  "N" at the end of a word sounds NASAL.
  It's just like how we'd pronounce "Tong"

2. Hermès (French) - "Air" + mehz ...
 In french, H is always SILENT.  "è" is pronounced as "eh"

3. Christian Dior (French) - Kris-ti-an Dior

4. Versace (Italian) - Ver-Sah-Chey

5. Jean Paul Gaultier (French) - ZhawN Po-ul Gou-Ti-Ay
 I couldn't find a better way to express how "Jean" is pronounced.
 If you know how "J" is pronounced in french then yeah :)

6. Tag Heuer (Swiss) - TAHG Hoy-er
 The pronunciation is in german.

7. Yves Saint Laurent (French) - Eves SohN Lo-RohN
 "N" at the end means "SOUNDS NASAL !"

8. Braun Buffel(German) - Brown Byu-Furl
9. Esprit (HK) - Espre
It's pronounced in french.
  No "t" at the end.

10. Pierre Cardin (French) - Pi-er Car-DahN
 The sound "DahN" doesn't exist in english.
 In french, the IPA for the last syllable "din" is "ɛ̃".
 The "ah" should sound nasal

11. Chevrolet (USA) - Shev-reu-lei

12. Volkswagen (German) - Folks-Wah-Gen
  "V" as in "Volks" takes the sound of "F" in english. It shouldn't be a problem as   it sounds similar to the "V" in english.
Unless you're saying "moVie" as "muWee" or "Video" as "Wee-dieu" lol

  "G" as in "Gen" sounds just like the "G" as in "Girl" in english.

13. Peugeot (French) - Per-SZHu
 Say "who" ,then add an "S" to make it "Swhooooo...." :D

14. Porsche (German) - Por-Sher

Now off the topic,
You can try these :
Grand Prix

Did you get them right ?
That's all for now I guess XD


  1. 越读舌头越打结!哈哈

  2. haha most of them are in french, and i do think that malaysian would find it hard to pronounce french, because there are many 'silent' in french, eg, french ppl dont pronounce the last alphabet except when it is a vowel/h or followed by a vowel.

    one tip, say them quick would help to give that french feeling for example, YSL. ( j'aime bien YSL) XD

    great post btw.


  4. @vivi-jwei most of them are pronounced in an "english" way I guess :). I dont think people would really roll their tongue to pronounce "Hermes" right XD

  5. I actually tried to pronounce it LOL

  6. Nice :D
    my tongue went all twirly trying to pronounce it . o.o