Saturday, 16 April 2011

Unifi ROCKS !

has finally arrived at my house !

There are two streamyx lines at my home.
RM110 + RM88
Imagine it's RM198/month in total
and it's only 1Mbps for the downstream
and it's an ADSL internet connection...

imagine it's only RM149/month
and it provides 5Mbps symmetric up and downstream
and it's an optical fiber cable internet connection...

Which will you choose ?!

The answer is OBVIOUS.
We decided to upgrade to unifi
I wanted to take the 10Mbps package
but my dad only agrees to pay for the 5Mbps package.
Well, he pays the bill,
I'll follow his will.
We'll be terminating both the lines so soon !

I registered online.
Currently, they are having an endless promotion
where installation fees are waived
if you subscribe to unifi during the promotion period
This promotion started since Sept 2010 =.=
Also, free 1month subscription
if you apply online.

On Tuesday,
the unifi technician came my house,
together with a contractor.
So the optical fiber cable's pulled into my house
My dad didn't want them to drill the wall,
so they did this instead.

They were required to climb up the beam.
They charged RM200 for climbing up the beam.

The installation was pretty quick.
It took around 2-3 hours.
Activation is immediate :)

VoIP phone, Router, Modem.

All these come with the unifi VIP package
Including the IPTV. 
Guess what ? It comes with an HDMI cable too ! 

The IPTV Set-Top Box.
Say "Hi" to the Wii ! :)
*my room gets even messier now*

Speed Test ! 4ms for Ping ! LOL.

These days,
I'm VIOLENTLY downloading games for my Nintendo Wii !
Downloading an 18MB file takes only 45sec
Downloading a 4.37GB files takes only 2hour !

One bad thing about the IPTV STB,
it is NOT wireless compatible.
Which also means that you'll have to use an ethernet cable.

For the internet service itself,
I somehow find that it's pointless to subscribe to the 10Mbps package
(for my case)
I've been trying to download files from different hosting services
Eg : Mediafire, Megaupload, Rapidshare, FileSonic, FileServe.
Among all, only mediafire provides MAX download speed to free users.
Downloadstream from all the rest can only hit a maximum of 200 ~ 300KB/s.

In conclusion (Doesn't this sound like an essay?)
Unifi rocks ! (At least among all the ISPs available in MY)

I'm addicted to this game recently.
Watch the video :)

Cool ?
It's a dancing game for Wii.
Let's just DANCE !

Don't know what else to write,
will just stop here lol.


  1. hahah 18mb in 45second that was freaking fast! :) hope the Unifi stay as fast as it can la

  2. Jealous.. have fun with your unifi bro!

    My eXperiences -

  3. unifi enter sarawak quarter2 2012..

  4. i'm one of the is reasonable to charge you rm200....sometimes i charge my customer over rm1k++

  5. Maybe i can help you with the slow download speed on sites like megaU, FS, etc. Try use to make the link premium. That means you'll be downloading the file from that site as if you're a premium user. It's free. :)