Sunday, 3 April 2011

Weekend comes, and goes.

Easy come ~
Easy go ~
I'd throw a grenade to ya ~

Time flies, and explodes.
My weekend's almost gone JUST LIKE THAT.

Have a singing session with the bloggers (Inniters)
on Friday night, at Loud Speaker (大嘴叭).
It's RM28/person for a 3-hour session.
This is really cheap ,
despite the fact that their song choices are less
as comparing to Redbox and Neway.

Finally got the chance to sing
Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen
Shall We Talk - Eason Chan

at the karaoke :)

I was being really thick-faced as the mic was like with me all the time. lol
Whenever I go to a K-box..I JUST WANT TO SING :D
Sorry for this. LOL.
I'm also sorry for the extra RM30 we paid for the extended hour.
I thought that it was free.
The receptionist didn't tell me that we have to pay for it.

(I still feel like singing now. lol)


The next day,
went to a Bazaar at Jaya One with Labi -_-
It was a paradise for the girls but definitely not for the guys.
Things are cheaply(well not really) sold there.
I presume most of them were second-handed ?
Well Well.
It was really hot, crowded and suffocating.
Don't really enjoy it. lol.

Have a Wii gaming session with CJ and Pui Teng over my place at night :)
You guys should've come earlier laaaaaaaaaaaa.
Labi should've come along too lol.
Perhaps next time yeah :)
Will download tons of game really soon XD


It's sunday.
I could feel the monday blues :(
Bathed my Pom Pom :D
He's only been bathed for once since the day home :(
No bathtub, chair's used.

So cute ! LOL !

Done ! Preparing to blow dry :)

Awww ! CUTE :D

Dirty nose >=(

Wipe it with a piece of cloth !

Done ! Handsome boy XD

After that, 
I cleaned his ear with the ear cleaner.
and I suspect that HE'S GOT EAR INFECTION ZOMG !
No wonder his ears aren't standing up anymore !
And there's ODOUR ! *PUKE*
Gonna bring him to the vet soon !

BYE BYE...To my weekend =3=.
It's gonna be a busy week.
Gonna apply for Unifi.
Gonna call up for the air-conditioner maintenance service.
Gonna bring my Pom Pom to the vet.
Gonna finish up my tutorials and assignments.....T_T


  1. omg ur pom first picture damn cute! its like ...

  2. glad that you enjoy singing! haha.. awww, pom is sooo cute!

  3. =) HAHA, first time dropped by your blog. lolol

  4. @xing yaya ! Soooooo cute LOL

    @Kuro Sorry for ?

    @Qi Wen yeah yeah. You didn't really sing la :(

    @Jfook LOL. I can speak and write chinese yeah :)

  5. omwtf Pom Pom so cute and furry :D <3

  6. ur dog really handsome!!haha