Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Jogging Wesak Day !

Jogging everyday,
Doctors go away :D

It's a sunny Wesak Day...
We (hq,kf) went for a jogging session in the morning.
Slept at 4.xx am in the morning
woke up at 7.30am.
Lack of sleep
I was feeling really tired but still had to go for it.
We jogged at the Taman Metropolitan.
I've finally a chance to capture outdoor photo with my Samsung Galaxy S.
The photos capture are really GREAT in quality =P

 Pokok yang cantek


All About Me :

 This is superb ! Isn't it ?

 Posing FAILED

 The path

Sexy Back :)

 The Back.

 Meh ?

 I feel Innocence



Five !

We went to buy our breakfast afterwards.
Have our breakfast in my room lol.
Were posing in my room then =3=

Pom Pom and Saya :)

Pure Posing. lol

btw this is my current hair color lol.

I was feeling great for having a tiring jog in the morning actually. lol
But then, I got emo suddenly at night = =
Went for a ranting/yamcha session with PT,Evon,Yann at 9.30pm.
It was greattttt as well :D
Okay. I'm running out of words now.


  1. "wow" to your hair colour

  2. Totally agree with anonymous. I speechless see your hair liao xD

  3. You look like a girl when you tie your hair XD