Sunday, 29 May 2011

A Poor dog :(

Save the animal,
Save the dog !

Just so you know,
there are two dogs at my house.

The little-cute-intelligent yet naughty-it's so fluffy I'm gonna die-cloud ball-like Pom Pom


This giant MiMi 
(I sense bias..hmmmm)

By looking at the photo,
You may be wondering.
Why the heck on earth are you tying the chain at her stomach ?!
I'll tell you why.

She's been leashed all the time, with a steel chain !
Well, you know, mongrels are good watch dogs. 
They are relatively dangerous. 
It's necessary to tie her up 
so that she wouldn't wander all around and chase the passerby.

Guess what ?
Whenever she hears/feels/sees something strange,
she will just SNAP forward. 
This is the instinct of dogs, I can't help lol.
As a result,
her neck was SEVERELY scratched due to the pulling.
On the day we noticed the wound,
my dad actually rinsed the wound with thinner  ==
(Okay, I don't know how this works but according to my bro,
he says this dries up the wound pretty quick)
She couldn't be leashed anymore,
so we just let her go wherever she wanted to.
She came home every night though. (what a good dog !)
she then disappeared for TWO DAYS.
Two days after,
she came back home.
Guess what she brought back ?!
@#WTHIWER*$&# !!!!

My dad then mixed some herbal stuff with ..
I think it's called "kerosene" ? 
and rinsed her wound with it (PAINFUL !)
then...MAGIC !
Few maggots CRAWLED OUTTA her wound JUST LIKE THAT

So this is how the wound looks like now :

Isn't this TERRIBLE ?!

The chicks ! LOL

She actually gets better now.
At least she's now much more energetic than she was.
God bless Mimi !
Get Well SOON !


  1. wow! :0 -speechless- and and thinner? kerosene? isn't it dangerous :S

  2. yeah, Mongrels are uncontrollable at some times if you didn't train them properly. My last pup listen to my command but not towards my family members, so it bite my sis and my dad. My dad was mad so he through it away =(
    btw, I never leash them but I never let them go out from my house area too.

  3. @yy but my dog will try to sneak out of the house if not leashed =.=....and she will kill the chicks !!!!! LOL !!

  4. omg ur dad previous life must be a witch!! a potion mixer. btw what does @#WTHIWER*$&# means?

  5. @xing no la. Just trying to get rid of those maggots ._.... It essentially means nothing... lol.Maybe it means "get mad" ? #@)($UJ@#()I$H*(EHRIOWENHR lol

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