Thursday, 5 May 2011

Samsung Galaxy S Review

Rocks !

After screwing up my Nokia N82's screen,
I decided to get a new phone lol.
I was actually considering between few models
eg : HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy Ace/SL blah blah.
Finally, I've chosen Samsung Galaxy S 8GB.

Samsung Galaxy is quite an old model actually.
It's released in around March last year.
But hey, the spec of this phone rocks like zomg.
With its rocking 4-inch super AMOLED
720p Video Recording
Android OS blah blah,
it's gonna wow everyone from your house to the white house !

This is how it looks like lol

Unboxing !

Cables, Charger and Headphone.


Home Screen (After installing bunch of apps)

After owning it for around 6 days,
here comes the reviews :D

The screen of SGS is reallly realllllly cool.
It's a 4-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors and a display resolution of 480x800. The screen is very berry vibrant and sharp. The screen is a capacitive touchscreen so you'll not have to POKE your phone like REALLY hard to do a selection. It's smooth as well. The giant display is what I love the mostttt about SGS :D

Operating System:
I was seeking for an android phone and of course,
Samsung Galaxy S runs on android O/S.
It's Android Froyo 2.2.
I think it's upgradable to 2.3 through a little modding and rooting.
Not sure about this.
The android is an open-source O/S hence it's great for those who like to mod their phone :D (After rooting the phone)
The android might not have as much as apps and games as comparing to the iPhone but I BELIEVE there'll be more and more, as more phones are running on android.

SGS comes in 8/16GB internal storage and it's expandable up to 32GB with microSD card. I recommend getting an external memory card for those who like to modify their phone so that your files will not disappear JUST LIKE THAT if you format/flash your phone. 

Camera :
It's a 5MP camera and it kinda disappoints me lol.
Why ? My nokia N82 can take better picture than it can =P
Also, it's got NO FLASH. Not even an LED flash =.=.
For picture capturing, it's still stick with my N82 :D
N82 - 5MP + Xenon Flash :)

Here come some samplesss. 
(All photos were captured with original settings)

 Chicken :D

Aw. It shook its head while I was capturing. Lol

Outdoor capture is fine.

It's worst when capturing black/dark objects !
You don't want to see it :(

For a phone with such awesome specification,
i personally think that its camera is so UNacceptable.
Perhaps the SGS 2 can perform better ?

However, when it comes to video recording,
Samsung Galaxy S can capture video with resolution up to 720p (1280 x 720) !
The video recorded with SGS is really GOOD :)

The battery has a capacity of 1500mAh.It can last quite a while PROVIDED you do not play with the apps and games hardcorely. With wifi gps and all kind of power-consuming stuff on, it doesn't last long, 2-3 hours is MAX I'd say. The battery can be charged with USB as well. In fact, the charger has a micro-usb plug. So there's no extra HOLE for charging the phone.

Few more random things I'd like to comment on:
Swype input rocks ! Instead of poking the phone to spell the words,
you just have to glide through the keypad to enter them :D
It makes texting so much faster. 

Speaker SUCKS. It's located at the back of the phone.
If you put the phone with speaker facing down the table (or whatever you're putting your phone on) the sound will be BLOCKED ! 
Another thing is, it isn't stereo speaker = =
Phones which I used previously (Nokia N73 and N82) have two speakers and they sound so much better. This, however, is still acceptable.

Now, with all the unprofessional comments and reviews I've made, 
I guess you can see why I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S though it's an old model ? It's actually better than the Galaxy SL and Galaxy Ace, which are launched recently. The even-better version of the galaxy S, Galaxy S 2 is coming up ! It is certainly MUCH MORE powerful than this older version. 

The spec comparison between S Vs. S 2

Android 2.3 Vs. 2.2
Dualcore !
4.3-inch Vs 4.0 !
8MP + 2MP Vs 5MP + 0.3MP
1080p Vs 720p !
Higher battery cap.
More expensive of course !

I've already root'ed and lagfix'ed my phone lol.
Now it has a benchmark score of >1.7k XDDD
I'm really satiesfied with this phone :D
That's all I guess.
Baaah ~Bye ~

PS : Don't ask me "Why didn't you get an iPhone" or similar rubbish question cause I don't see why I should've gotten the iPhone.

PS 2 : I'm not an iPhone/Apple hater.

PS 3 : I love apple. 

XBOX : I am not doing a comparison to the iPhone and I don't even bother comparing the SGS with iPhone and I hope you are not and you don't either.

Wii : Have FUN with android !


  1. great review.. I'm waiting the version 2.. probably its time for me to change phone too...

  2. I think the Galaxy S II will be an awesome phone. I am really hoping to get one of these phones soon. I really like the dual-core processor and the 4.3 inch screen. I am sure it would be perfect for watching movies and shows on the go in HD. The first app I would get would be the DISH Remote Access app. This app lets me stream live TV and recorded shows from my 922 SlingLoaded receiver to my phone anywhere that I am in crystal clear HD! As a DISH Network customer and employee, I have been using the DISH Remote Access app on my Galaxy S for a long time and I know that it would be great on the Galaxy S II. I really hope to get one really soon. As for TV Everywhere, I suggest going to to get all the information on taking your channels with you wherever you go