Saturday, 23 July 2011

Next Hair Plan !

I'm so gonnna get my hair.....

As you know, or maybe you don't know.
My hair's now turquoise in color.
It's turning into a
minty-I-don't-even-know-what-color-that-is-greenish color.
Especially at the back section,
it's badly, I mean BADLY washed out.

The purple is still staying firmly though.
I guess it'll take me a little extra effort
to get rid of/bleach out the purple =PP.

It's alright !

I just got my hair trimmed last week.
Getting your hair trimmed is SOOO important.
Even if you're growing your hair,
you have to trim you hair  !
If your hair end is looking straw and dry,
it's time to get your hair trimmed !
Remember, trim your hair !
At least once a month :D

Lalalala ! 
See it ? Bye Bye damaged ends !

I'm now waiting for the color to fade as much as posssible,
so that I won't have to go through another rough bleaching process,
before dyeing a new color.

As you can see, 
my hair color has faded so much.
From a dark-looking turquoise (blue) into a...
i dont know. 
Green ? Whatever.

Few weeks ago :
Now you see the difference ?

This is the whole plan :
1. Rebonding
I'm trying to grow the roots, and trim damaged sections off as much as possible.

2. BLEACH and DYE !
I'm gonna ask the stylist, who's also my mom,
to use a milder hair bleach this time.
Previously, she'd been using the strongest hair bleach on my hair :(

Guess what color I'm doing next ?
It's gonna be a warm color ! 
I thought that I'd stay turquoise for at least 2-3 months.
Apparently, I'm now getting bored with it . HAHA .
So I'm thinking of doing orange hair now !

This neon,bright and nice looking orange !
Isn't it AWESOME ?

I'll do some highlights as well :D
I'm thinking of doing yellow highlights for the underlayer at the back.
When I say YELLOW, I don't mean blonde !

It's the banananananananay yellow ! :D
Another NEON-ish color :D !

Wait Wait Wait !
It's not the end yet !
I'll do RED as well :D
I'm choosing between red highlight/gradient.
If highlight, it's gonna be underlayer at the side.
If gradient, it's gonna be orange-to-red gradient =P

Which tone of red? 

This !
It actually has an orange tone in it huh :)

EPIC huh ?
I got a feeling I'm gonna go Hayley Williams-ish ! 
You know, Paramore ! :D

I can't wait to get my hair done !
Probably will get it done at the end of September
cause I'll be having a four-week break in September.
I'm now purchasing and collecting WANTED hair dyes :D !

what's coming up next after orange ?!
I think it's Pink or Cerise
Woooooots :D !


  1. you're definitely the first person i see with a green-ish hair :P

  2. haha cool orange! :) enjoy yea! and remember do more treatment!

  3. O.O


    if i could, i'd dye my hair a different colour every day of the week.

    but i can't.

    cuz i'm too poor to afford.

    also, my hair right now has no complaints ^-^ but in the future, i rly rly wanna try white blonde whole head. i'm gonna ease into it tho... i'm still pretty noob at hair dying.


  4. let's colour it PINK! I quite except to see ur pinky hair ^^