Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hair Rebonding Again !

Got my hair rebonded
for another time !

New semester has just started !
Finally received the hair dyes,
which I bought on ebay.
My hair was kinda curly and long
During my sembreak, I didn't touch up my hair.
Cause I was preparing for another hair rebonding :D

So last thursday,
I've just got my hair rebonded again ~
Of course, it's straightening.
My hair was trimmed alot...
It got alot thinner and shorter now =3=.

The whole process took me around 4-5 hours :S.

The outcome....Taaaadaaaa !!!!!!

Can you see that ?
My hair is sooooo short and thin now =3=

This time I didn't want to rebond + bleach + dye at the same time
Cause it's damaging enough.
My hair was breaking like shit the last time I did that.
Guess what ?
Rebonding(straightening) and bleaching are the most damaging thing
you can EVER do to your hair.

So you think rebonding gives you healthy glossy smooth and straight hair ?
Maybe you should take a look at this :

During rebonding, perming lotion is added to soften the hair and break down its bonds. After this is washed off, hair is placed between 2 metal plates of an electric styling device, which uses heat to pull the hair rod-straight. A neutralizer is then applied to reset the bonds and stabilize the hair.

Read more:

Get the idea?
if you've ever done rebonding,
Then you should know,
Two cream applications are involved.
The 1st application is to BREAK the natural bond in your hair
to make them "controllable".
After giving your hair a shape,
2nd cream application (neutralizer) is used to "fix" the shape.

Another fact is that,
Straightening(rebonding) is much damaging than curling your hair.
Wanna know why ? Google.

I'm being a little bit too contradictive now ?
Well, this is gonna be the last time I'm straightening my hair...
I guess...XD

During the rebonding process,
my mom kept saying that my hair looked like moss ==..
I was like...
"Okay Okay. I'm now trying to fade my hair and giving it a new color soon!"

if you're planning to rebond your hair for 1000 times...
Think twice..
It might look good for the first few times but not forever....


  1. woah! so striking colour! *amazed!* =D

  2. That's one of the reasons I stopped rebonding my hair. Oh but I do love your hair colour!