Friday, 4 November 2011

Bleaching hair at home - Bleach Bathing (Part 1)

Bleaching my hair at home
on my own

Hello people
In this blogpost,
I'm gonna show you an alternative method
to lightening the hair color.
It's called bleach bathing

Well I've got no idea why its called bleach bathing.
Bleach bathing can be used for
- lightening our hair without going through regular bleach
- color removal
- fading colors

If you'd like to lift your hair color
you don't want to go through regular bleaching,
this can be a great way for you.

Notice that bleach bathing still involves bleaching
therefore it as well can cause damages but certainly not as damanging as regular bleaching does.

Lets start.
Things you'll need :

Bleach Powder, Developer, Mixing Bowl, Gloves, Shampoo, Tint Brush

Reconstruction treatment cream, 

You can use any bleach powder EXCEPT off-scalp bleach powder.
To tell if its off-scalp or on-scalp, read the labels.

Developer - I use a 30Vol one but I'd suggest using 20 or 10Vol one. 30Vol is kinda harsh. I'm getting a 20Vol anyway.

Gloves - always wear a pair of gloves when dealing with hair bleach. You're NOT gonna ruin ur hands

Shampoo - Any will do

Conditioner - A DEEP MOISTURISING conditioner is recommended as hair bleach can cause dryness

Reconstruction treatment - any reconstruction treatment is fine, look for those rich in keratins/proteins as hair bleach can strip our hair proteins, leaving it fragile and weak. 

The procedure:
1. Mix the developer, bleach powder and shampoo in the ratio of 1:1:2

Too much developer lol

2. Wet your hair 
3. Apply it all over your hair,lather it like how you'd usually do with shampoo
4. Leave it on until desired shade is obtained. You can use a shower cap to trap heat and fasten the process

Caution : Never leave it for too long. 15 - 30 minutes should be max.

5. Rinse and shampoo your hair. Make sure that there isn't any residue.
6. Reconstruction treatment.
7. Condition !

Before and After

So if you've ever seen me in real life recently,
my hair color has actually faded alot.
I'm now consistently fading my hair color.

I've got another alternative method here which I found it to be rather effective.
It works only on DYED hair though.

You'll need :
1. Shampoo
2. Vitamin C Tablets

Crush 1-2 Vitamin C tablets into powder and mix it with shampoo.
It should get kinda pasty.
Then you'll need to just apply and lather it on your hair.
Leave it on for a few minutes and TAADAA !
Watch your hair bleed !


So now you know few alternatives to get your hair lightened eh ?

PS : Always perform an allergic test. 
I'm not responsible for any problem caused.

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