Monday, 7 November 2011

Bleaching hair at home - First time bleaching my own hair !

I'm gonna show you
How I bleached my own hair !

Splendid Disclaimer :
You don't have to waste your hair leaving hatred comments
You don't have to tell me how gay I look with all my hair well sectioned
Thank You

Soooo hey guys ! LOL.
Now I can confidently come up with the 2nd part of this "series" !
I've just bleached my own hair for the firsttttttttt time EVER !!
The best part is -
It turned out to be SURPRISINGLY good !
Im sooooo happy with the outcome

The significant thing issss
I was only doing the roots !
It was even harder to do !
I'm sooooooo proud of myself LOL

So you wanna bleach your own hair ?
Here's what you need to do !

Here's the link to the first part : Tutorial on Bleach Bathing

Preparation list

1. Guts - If you dont have one, you don't even have to bother preparing the rest
2. Bleaching Powder
3. Hydrogen Peroxide (Developer) - I'm using 6% (20 Vol)
4. Mixing Bowl
5. Tint Brush
6. Gloves
7. Shampoo
8. Conditioner
9. Protein/Reconstruction treatment
10. Unwanted cloth - to rub off the bleach in case it gets onto your skin
11. hair clips, hair band - for hair sectioning

Few reminders :
1. Don't wash your hair at least for 1 day before you bleach your hair. Natural oils and grease on your hair can kinda protect your hair from damage.

2. A 6% or 20 vol developer is recommended. Any higher ones can be too harsh.

3. Never use a 40 vol developer for a regular bleaching. It can cause chemical burns.

4. Never use metal clips when working with hair bleach. They can react.

5. A shower cap can be used to trap heat and fasten the process.

6. Use a back mirror to assist in case you cant see the back section of your hair

7. Do a STRAND TEST and ALLERGIC TEST before you start. I'm not responsible for any problem caused by the hair bleach

Hair Sectioning
So 1st, you gotta section your hair.
This is how I sectioned my hair.

Comb and pull your hair backwards

Fix the front and start working with the backs

I parted my hair into 2 halves
Then further sectioned each half into 4.
Tied them up.

Now put on your gloves
and proceed :D

Hair Bleach Preparation


Mix the bleaching powder and the developer.
The amount of developer doesn't have to be too accurate
Just enough to make it FEEL like whipped cream.

Start Bleaching
No pictures here.
- Starting off with the front part, work your way from one side to another side of your hair. Make sure that every part of your hair is applied. You can start applying the hair bleach either from left to right or right to left. This is definitely the easiest way.

Now for the back section,
- Work your way up from the lowest section to the highest section. Bleach the lowest section 1st (Both left and right). Then go up section by section until you've done all. 

- Leave it on for another 15minutes once you've finished. 
- Wear a shower cap to make it faster


1. Don't leave the hair bleach on for tooooo long. It can BURN your scalp.
2. Observe the color change from time to time.
3. If the hair bleach gets into your eye, RINSE YOUR EYES IMMEDIATELY with water
4. If your scalp feels EXTREMELY irritated, STOP IT.

Actually I've made a mistake when doing the back sections
I did the whole left section then moved on to right section.
I should've done both left and right and slowly moved up to upper sections.

Now time to wash rinse all the creams off.
Remember to thoroughly wash your hair.
You don't want to leave any residue on your hair.
Use a clarifying shampoo if you have one.
Massage + Rub, DON'T SCRATCH

After rinsing off all the hair bleach,
use a reconstruction treatment to deposit protein back into your hair
Leave it on for a great 5-15 minutes.
The follow the procedure with conditioning.
If you're dyeing your hair next,

So this is the outcome :)

I've only done the roots. Isn't it COOL ?!
I'm 20000000% satisfied with the outcome!
It turns out to be soooo much better than I expected

 This part's gone white (over-processed)
because I was too slow to get my hair entirely covered with the bleach

An interesting thing happened when I was applying the hair bleach lol
As you can see, one part of my hair was dyed red.
Apparently, it faded and bled when hair bleach was applied
and I THOUGHT my scalp was bleeding =.= 
So another reminder here, make sure your scalp isn't BLEEDING LOL.

So Yeah I'm gonna do another full bleach or bleach bath 
before I take on a new color ! Weeeee :D

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  1. Great ! Thank you from France :)