Thursday, 2 February 2012

8th Night of CNY - 拜天公 !

Cause baby, you're a firework
Come on, show 'em what you're worth !

Hey ho.
CNY's like ending so soon.
How was ur CNY ?
I hope it's very fine :D

Wondering why is the title "8th Night" of CNY ?
I PERSONALLY think that it's the BIGGEST day of CNY,
I mean at least for the hokkiens. Yes. I'm hokkien :D

At night,
the hokkiens normally have a 'celebration/prayer' called '拜天公' :D
During the night,
Most of the hokkiens will be showing off their wealth by burning tons of money.
What I mean is, buying and lighting different kinds of firework.

So there was a little get-together, here, over my house.
10 friends of mine were squeezing, gambling, eating and drinking in my room :D !

Cut the craps and I'm gonna continue this with some photos !

 Say Hello To Firework #1 !

 Say Hello to Firework #2 !

Say Hello to PomPom ! :D

Preparation :)

 This giant stuff is a must. 
I dont know what it's called lol

Drink !




and MORE !

The whole pork :)

 Prawns !

 Crabs !

Canned stuff


Usually the prayer starts at around 12am.
Then all my neighbours will start burning their money.

Don't they look like sperm ? lol

and then we started burning these

Then we took photo with it as background 

Firecrackers !

Then we started eating and drinking and chatting :)

To keep my room from getting smokey,

Oh and this is the video of the firework from my house :D

The atmosphere of CNY usually fades after the 8th night of CNY.
It just feels like the very last day of CNY.

I don't know how it's like during the 8th night over your place
but this is how here it is :)