Monday, 20 February 2012

PLU ML-G3000 Cherry MX Red Switch

PLU ML-G3000
Mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switch !

Finally here !

Howdy !
My second mechanical keyboard's finally arrived !
It's the same as the previous one I bought

Check it out here :

but hold on,
it's Cherry MX Red Switch this time !

I asked for my friend's help. (Getting them from China)
Instead of just one,
he brought THREE of them back this time lol.
Well, other two are for others
only one is mine :)

Wooooots lol !

Together with the old PLU (Black Switch)


10 keycaps + 1 keycap puller are included

Again, I like the logo very much :)

Red Switches !

Same model,
Different Switches
Black switch (bottom)
Red switch (top)

Like the previous one I've bought,
it's full NKRO via USB
You can hold as many keys as you can simultaneously.
the red switches are much lighter version of the black ones.
It feels really really good and relaxing to type with red switches seriously :D
If I were to describe it in my own words,
I'd say that black switches are much "springy" lol.
I still prefer black switches though,
cause it gives me a much solid typing feeling :D

One bad thing about mechanical keyboard with red switches is that
it's soo light (not much forces[45g] are required to activate a key)
that I can't really rest my fingers on the keys lol.

Oh well, I still love it very much :D !

Why mechanical keyboards ?

I've been asked for several times.
If you're using a rubber dome keyboard,
I can assure you that once you've tried the mechanical keyboards out,
you might never want to switch back to your goood old rubber dome keyboards.
Cause it feels awesome to type or tap on mechanical keyboards lol.

Oh by the way,
I'm gonna show you a video of the tapping sound of my keyboard lol
Remember to turn up the volume by a bit.
And don't feel sorry for my keyboard lol.


  1. o2jammer! .. no wonder you need a keyboard with all keys functioning at the same time XD .. nice wor

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  2. I need to know where i can buy that keyboard :D