Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Say "HI" to Purple Hair

Dyed my hair....

Yeah Surprise !
I've just dyed my hair with purple !

Taaaaadaaaaa !!!!

This time I chose a darker color so that I didnt have to bleach my hair.

With a little bit of common sense,
we know that Cerise (Pink) + Turquoise (Blue) = Purple
and yes,
that's what I did.
I dyed cerise over turquoise, without first bleaching my hair !

 Started off with this.

A little bit preparation before hands.

I mixed cerise with toner to dilute the shade
So that the purple wouldn't turn out to be too dark.

All Ready !

I didn't want to do any highlights this time
So I didn't even bother getting my hair sectioned.
Applied and covered my hair with the dyes in one shot.

It's staining my face so badly ! XD

So time for the result...
I'm gonna flooooood you with photos !

and I still got some cerise at the back :)

Cool ?
Seriously I've never thought of dyeing my hair with purple.
But it turned out to be extremely awesome 
At least I received quite a lot of compliments lol.

Some people told me that it's actually better than the Cerise I've done before ==
I'm talking about this :

As for me,
I prefer cerise lol.

and I guess this would be the last time I'm dyeing my hair
I'm not saying that I won't be dyeing my hair in the future but as for now,
I just gotta take a break.
(I've still got TON of unsealed hair dyes to use =.=)

Well I guess that's all for now.
Tata :D


  1. Wow. You change your hair color like 3 times per year? The last i saw your blog was when your hair is pink!
    Cutebun blog
    Cutebun FB page

  2. i thought you use dog blood to dye ur hair...
    well, it looks quite nice from behind...
    u sure looks like my anime club's vice-president...

  3. Wah! Your purple hair is AWESOME! I wanted to get highlights in that exact shade but... well, things didn't turn out so i got red instead, haha. Great dye job you did there. :D