Saturday, 14 July 2012

Nikon D5100 ! Ma New Toy !

Nikon D5100!
Finally got my ~ baby baby baby ~ oh ~
haha !

I've always wanted to get myself a DSLR.
Why? because it FEELS pro LOL.
Just kidding ;)

If you haven't read my previous blog post,
here's something about it.
I wanted to get the Nikon D5100,
my budget is set at around RM2k.

Since I spot a great deal on lazada,
I gave it a try.
things went really wrong.
I didn't lose my money though.
If you'd like to know what's happened,
here :


So I finally got my Nikon D5100 from a seller @ Uptown, PJ.
Price offered is RM1990, with a 18-55mm kit lens + 8GB.
Nothing much.
RM1950 is the lowest that I could find in LYN.

Well well.
So here's some unboxing and sample photos :D
I'm not a pro though,
forgive me if my skill is super lousy.

 Kit Lens Equipped !

I knew almost no shit about DSLR...
This is my first DSLR, just so you know !
so I'm not gonna write a macam-yes'ed review on this little baby lol.
Just something that I LIKE about this D5100 ;)

The thing that I like the most about this camera
is the flip-out screen.

Live View turned on.

Flipped out ! TAADAA ! 
Camwhoring has never been THIS EASY.
It's particularly useful for video recording.

Ok, now, seriously.
I don't know what else to write =.=
Wanna know the spec and comparison,

I've been playing with it for 2 days.
Finally got the little hang of it ... 
in term of aperture shutter speed .. etc etc.
I insist using manual focus,
but then my manual focus skill sucks =.=
Subjects always get out of focus lol

I'm gonna PRESENT some of my photographs, ehe.
and then YOU JUDGE :D.

 This little coconut lamp is my model ! 

Playing with the aperture.
Me likes using large aperture for close-up :D

 Love this till I DROP.


Trying out with different aperture lol.

With my profile picture. ehe.

My phone and 
the compact digital camera that I've been using.

百草活络灵 lol

 Pom Pom

  Pom Pom

 Pom Pom <3

Me <3

My leg. LUL.

So I really like ma new babe,
Nikon D5100 <3 !
I'm soooo gonna take more photo with it :D
Especially nightview. 
Cause I've been using compact digital camera before getting this D5100 ma.
Capturing in low light condition with compact DC SUCKS.
But now, it's all different ;)
aha. I sound like a noob la XD
Forgive, cause I'm still in the excitement of "getting ma new DSLR" lol

Ok la.
Enjoy ;)


  1. wah so clear till can count the amount of leg hair lol!

  2. love the rotate-able screen !

  3. I'm looking for review on this camera and I bump into your blog! haha I wanted this model too. :D