Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Shopping at Lazada.com.my ? BEWARE !

You're gonna shop at www.lazada.com.my ?

If you have never heard of it,
lazada is a Malaysia online mall which is trending furiously lately.
At least I could see its ads everywhere !
facebook, forums, blogs and blah blah.

I'm planning to get myself a DSLR.
After doing a little bit of homework,
I found that the little Nikon D1500 would just be right for me.

So I came across these products on this sc*mbag
website, lazada.

From the picture above,
the 4th item on the first row,
it's Nikon D5100 Body only - RM1648.00
and there's another one on the 2nd row,
Nikon D5100 Kit 16.2MP - RM2048

Since my budget is around RM2k,
I'm looking for one that comes with a 18-55mm kit lens.
By looking at the picture above,
the one with RM2048 is definitely the perfect deal.
Why ?
Check this link out :

It's stated on the page,
it comes with a 16GB of MC instead of 8GB
+ 3rd party lenshood
+ 3rd party ir remote.

and check out the description of the product.

So your "KIT" stands for all these 3rd party accessories
which make it RM400 more expensive compared to the "BODY ONLY" package ?
In the product picture itself, we can see it's equipped with the 18-55mm lens,
while the one in BODY ONLY doesn't have one.

Actually, I'd called them once to ask about the stock availability, but not on this,
because I did not notice this.
and I HAD DROPPED an order with a random discount code (-RM50).
but the smart me chose COD as payment option ;)

To clear my doubt,
I gave them another call.
I called the customer service hotline.

I asked them about items included in the package.
Without surprise, he read me what I can read on the page myself. lol
Then I started explaining my problem.
He told me that he COULDN'T take a look at the product,
everything will be dispatched as described.
Suddenly, there was an interruption.
The conversation's gone completely silent.
Idk if it's done on purpose or .... who knows ?

So I called again,
another representative answered my call.
I explained my problem again.
This time, I was told firmly THAT
1. Description FIRST - it says body only, it means BODY ONLY !
2. Picture - it's for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE

So those bloody 3rd party accessories are worth RM400 ?!
So what does that "KIT" stand for ?!

Ok. This is not my main concern though.
So now, since I don't know whether the 18-55mm lens is included and
THEY couldn't really "take a look" and check out at the package with their OWN EYES for me,
so I asked him,

Q : Since I've chosen COD, do I have the right to REJECT the order if the item delivered doesn't meet my so-called requirements ? This is the main point of COD, isn't it ?

A : Yes, you have. But .........

Oh well.
I insisted NOT to cancel my order and
I hung up my phone after saying "nevermind..."

I tried to login on lazada.com.my the next minute...

I'm SURE that both my username and password are CORRECT.
I tried re-typing and logging in for several times.
(Firefox saved my password, so it couldn't be wrong!)
All in vain.

Out of anger,
I tweeted and mentioned @LazadaMY on twitter.

Take a look at the time. 2.55PM.
WITHIN ONE MINUTE after I tweeted this.

I received TWO EMAILS from lazada almost instantly !

Take a look at the time again !
It was still 2.55pm !

Now my order shipment is IN PROGRESS ?!
and what the heck on earth is with that "Welcome Email?"

My order's processed right after I tweeted them ;)
Then I tried to login again,
well, my account's BACK LOL.

Oh well,
I gave them a final call to cancel my order and tell the representative about this frustrating experience.
Imagine how FAST and SHORT in duration all these shits happened.

I'm holding myself back from lazada anyway.
If you'd like to know,
You could probably check out their page on facebook.
There were couples of neg feedback from the buyers as well.
Do check out these links as well.



  1. Wow , I saw lots of ads about that and I took a look before , it seems quite good and worth to buy goods from them . Now you blogged your experience and I know it , thanks :)

  2. well.. must be take well care on online shopping.. scam quite alot..

  3. lol! such bad customer service and seriously, what's the use of the lens hood without the lens in the first place? hahaha... u want camera? I can recommend some good shop with good price for u :)

  4. I bought my current earphones from there, and paid COD. It turned out fine although, the staff is a bit confused of the things that they sell.

  5. I had a very bad experience with Lazada too, bought my item on 19 June, and was told several times that items are already in warehouse and it will be sent out to me the next day. Spoken to their out-bounders Anne and Satia, and was told that there are 260++ stocks in the warehouse. However, called them again on 10th June and check the whereabouts of the parcel, and was told that there're out of stock???! I had ask for refund and will be stupid if I ever buy anything from them again.

  6. Initially, I have planned to buy a New iPad from Lazada with RM200 discount code. But after reading your blog, I decided not to buy from them. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  7. Good to share, though of buying something from them

  8. Their Customer service super sloppy :

    Want to pretend to be customers , but forgot to change facebook to personal account :-D

  9. Really that bad ? I thought of buying my camera there... Luckily not yet ... Better go to other places...

  10. i had an extremely bad experience with lazada as well..ordered samsung galaxy tab 2 on the 16th July 2012 with a RM50 discount voucher that i got from Starbuck...called them back on the 18th July, asking for the status and they replied that i need to wait for at least 7 working days based on their policy for the item to arrive. Then i called them again on the 24th July as i had not receive anything...I was shocked as they claimed that i might be under suspicion of credit card fraud..Hence,i called the bank to rectify the problem and according to them, the payment has gone through and they gave me the transaction code as the proof to be given to lazada. Then i called lazada again the same day and mention the code. The customer service representative could not confirm there and then about the status so he promised to call me back. On the same day, they did call me back and said the transaction has been approved on the 20th July..It was funny as when i called them previously, they could not detect that it has been approved on the 20th july..only when the transaction code was given that they could confirm..and i need to wait 7 working days from 20th July for the item to arrive. Even though i insisted that it was unfair for me to wait for another 7 working days and they should have called me earlier to inform me about the problem with the transaction, the cs representative was still emphasizing that i needed to wait for 7 working days. So i waited and waited as if...then the moment of truth..on the 27th July (5 working days), I called just to check the status of the item...then the cs gave another different answer..they are having problems with the stock as they are moving to a new warehouse(now i assume the real problem now is not credit card fraud..it's just their way of postponing the date of delivery because of the warehouse problem...excuse of credit card fraud in the first place was just to delay the ordering process)..So i threatened to lodge a report to the consumer tribunal for providing with misleading information..then the guy suggested that i could ask for a refund..and they said start counting another 8 working days from 27th of July then call them back to check the status..Finally on the 9th august, i called them and again i got a different answer...start counting 8 working days from 6th august then call them back to check the status..i could not accept anymore with this unscrupulous technique used by lazada...I gave them final warning...if they did not call me back at 12 noon on the 10th august and rectify this problem once and for all, i will lodge the report to consumer tribunal for undelivered promises, misleading information and irresponsible...u know what...they dont give a damn i guess...not is 10th august 5.13pm..no call from lazada....this is going to court

  11. I gave my feedback and comment on their Facebook page. They immediately deleted and block my access to their Facebook. They are the German company, so the way they work just like NAZI..


    Please do beware of Zalora, Home24 and Food Panda. They are from the same company and management.

    1. i always shop at zalora and up till now their service is great...delivery on time and in good condition...

  12. They do allowed COD previously and i bought a book and it comes within 7 days after i submit my order... but now.. it seems that lazada didn't allowed COD anymore...

  13. i really hate this lazada.com.my the didnt ship my order 45days after payment been make and after asked for refund they take 15days to refund really suck~~

    better try this malaysian site reliable and fast

  14. I never had bad experience with lazada. I bought samsung digital camera & iPod. The delivery was as promised & on time. The items ok without defect.

  15. I never had bad experience with lazada. I bought samsung digital camera & iPod. The delivery was as promised & on time. The items ok without defect.

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  17. pls try myjual.com 100% safety because myjual is broker all buyer must received unit before myjual release money to seller. if 3day not received item , myjual.com refund back money to seller just few minute.

  18. I paid almost RM 300 to Lazada, waited 3 months for the item. Still dont get it. Asked for refund, waited 2 months now...still don't get it.....I wonder how much longer i need to wait.

  19. Oh dang.. Just bought an item off of them. It's been 2 days since I ordered the item. Let's hope they deliver on time else I will start a boycott campaign myself.

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  21. never buy from this crap german company ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i bought a samsung S II they shipped me a china imitation phone so i called up and they reply me i have switched the phone myself ....so i went to their fans page and they banned me and remove my account at there site so now i have no proof for what i have order

  22. My friend bought me an iPhone 4s from Lazada previous Saturday. It's suppose to be delivered by today but there's still none. So I called Lazada in Manila (Im in Cebu) only to be told that my friend needs to send documentations of his credit card and ID. I do understand this policy as airlines do that, but prior to charging or accepting card payments, a declaration is being made to this effect. Lazada does not have that. I asked why we were not told of this, the customer service said an email will be sent to us. What?! After ten days of waiting all we get is an email? And until now there's no email. We will never know this if I didn't call. Not only that we were left in the dark as to what happened to our order, I am also suspected of fraud! Wait, Lazada did not contact us, Lazada already got our money for ten days without telling us of the needed documentation, they don't have a manager to speak with at their customer service, they have not returned my email inquiries... Who is fraud now? And for ten days, if the order is indeed a fraud, the bank would have called them by now and the owner of the credit card filing a complaint. I demand that Lazada ship my phone immediately without delay. They cannot compel us for a policy they never declared in the first place, and they already have our money for ten days and counting! The customer service suggested that I refund the purchase. I wanted to but that would take several transactions again to get the money back plus surcharges from the bank, not to mention interests. No, I will have my iPhone 4s which we have already paid with our money, money that is now earning interests for Lazada without delivering the product, and this shameful post is for Lazada to have for that "bogus" method of getting our money!

  23. OMG, reading the comments here, it seems that this has been an ongoing problem with that online store! Im so worried now!

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  25. Good Faith, I order two items from Lazada using my Credit card. I received a quick confirmation that my order is being processed. The specified delivery date set by Lazada is five days in my area. After two weeks I have not received my purchase and decided to call their customer service department to inquire about my order.
    The first representative took my ordered number and during the long wait the phone was disconnected. I called back and spoke to another person and asked about the status of my order again. The representative stated they received my order but they have not received copies of my ID and Credit card to process the order. I explained I was NOT notified in any way that this is part of the ordering procedure. Added it is NOT mentioned in the ordering process or any other place else. The rep. stated I should have been sent an email about the necessary copies. Checking my email during the call I confirmed that I did NOT receive any emails other than my original confirmation. In discuss I cancelled my order and now the rep. stated they will refund my money back to the credit card. I question the fact that if they are still waiting for copies of my I.D. and credit card, why did they charge my credit card without them? Now I have to wait so long to get my credit. Please DO NOT DO BUSINESS with Lazada if you value your money and time.

  26. hi, adel here, anyway on 28 november i bought a phone from lazada and it says that there is a 16% discount .the phone cost about rm550 and i bought the phone for rm474 from lazada website and guess what?? NO SCREEN PROTECTER, WRONG COLOUR, MEMORY STICK NOT INCLUDED!!!.so in the end i discovered that if i buy the sceen protecter and the memory stick i will have to spend more then what i expected!!!

    1. lol if u go to samsung shops or any branded shops in the mall where got they give free screen protector and memory card...what a cheapskate

  27. I bought a 32" Panasonic LCD TV from Lazada.com on 22/12/2012 and requested to ship to Kota Kinabalu. Today I received my LCD TV in a good condition via GD-Express. I don't understand why there is so many negative feedback about Lazada.com. Shouldnt we Malaysian give support to home-grown setup online companies in order to make Malaysia a better place or more advanced in e-commerce industry? Look at UK, USA or even China, these countries are so advanced in their e-commerce services which benefited their residents for online shopping.

    Last but not least, I don't represent Lazada.com. If anyone would like to challenge my words to support Lazada I can produce receipt from Lazada, shipping status from GD-Express, signed consignment note and even the images of my 32" LCD TV I bought.

    1. Are you an idiot? Lazada is as much a home-grown setup as Starbucks is in Malaysia. Use some common sense. Check out who owns it.

    2. Miss.Phan only said that because she is the lucky one who is not one of them whose had difficult/bad experience with lazada, she should be thankful for that. But, hey, what if she is one of those who got scammed by lazada... i don't think she got the guts to give the statement like she mentioned above ... think through before type ...

    3. Lazada is a German company owned by a German venture capital group called ''ROCKET INTERNET'', also backed by Jpmorgan. They are not at all even 1% an asian company. They have absolutely taken over the internet in Asia. I feel sorry for internet entrepreneurs in Asia because they wont experience that golden internet era where everyone can start online businesses and enjoy the success, instead from day 1 they have a GIANT already operating making it very difficult for entrepreneurs to compete.

    4. What the heck is the point of these. you have right to not use them. don't use lazada. they will go out of business then.

  28. Looks like only before Zalora.com just started learning. I went to others bloggers and they've said the same thing. After many times calling and posting to blog, the package delivery responds. So better complaint in blog hahah..

  29. just order something from lazada, i am regret when i saw this blog...

  30. I figured after the things I went through with Zalora (sister company of Lazada), I figured it's best to stay away from Lazada.

    I was right :P

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  32. Recently I tried to order the Samsung galaxy s3 from them. But when you clicked BUY, the price changed to a much higher amount than the ones advertised by them. I have written to them complaining that it's an illegal act, but no one bother to reply

  33. Regret to share our experience @ Lazada has been terrible. We ordered some books and till now we haven't received it. The books were ordered in late January and we got a call from their services department that they are out of stock!!! How can u sell something that you have no stocks

  34. I bought 3 items from lazada. No scam o.o! Stop making story.. It looks sad but yah, totally lies!

  35. @MrKrahoz We, as in the victims of Lazada actually don't get any benefits by sharing our experience with Lazada. You know what, the thing is, your successful deal with Lazada doesn't kill the fact that some people out there have encountered problems with Lazada. It simply means that you aren't one of the victims, period.

  36. Tips for everybody.LOL You need to call them and ask for a commit a delivery date once you place your order online,then there won't be any problem.

  37. I am about to place an order for samsung note II on Lazada, thanks god i saw this post. I prefer to buy from shop lots or Digi instead then ==

    But regarding zalora, i had made two orders, bought shoes. First order, the sport shoes come with yellow spots, so i make a return and zalora gave me store credit (the amount of the returned shoes price). Then my 2nd order is to use the store credit. Still bought shoes, goods received within 4 days, in good conditions.

    I think problem all goes to electronic products perhaps... Suggest online buyer not to buy electronics online... Better go to shop lots for a promised service.

  38. bought few books. but delivery x3 times.
    1 book no stock. give me vouchers that wasnt full amount. on web stock is active again while request me take voucher. and 1 of the book is demo condition.
    another order , which is 7"pad come without charger,they send again by request.demo item.

  39. just received my note 2 after 2 days. original set and in a sealed box.

  40. I experienced a good buy and delivery within 2 days with Lazada.com. But after reading these negative comments I am worried with insecurity. I purchased Eos Canon 600D cam with a cheaper price. And I have been very happy, this was a dream come true for me. I chose cash on delivery (some say they do not allow that anymore but I just bought last week).

    Nevertheless, after reading these comments, it makes me want to ask, does anyone know if Lazada.com could be selling fake dslrs? :S Mine is good and smooth, but when people question me in person about whether or not I know if my dslr is original, I feel disturbed.

  41. Just made an order for some mobile phones. But I chose COD. I heard got RM5 for COD? But when speaking to the customer service, they said no hidden charges... only chearges thats stated on the order page... Wonder how its gonna be.

    But just wondering... for COD, can check items first right? Before paying the money? ....

  42. Lazada is sucks!! I had a very bad experience with them yesterday. And there is only ONE person in their customer service i suspect. I called and wrote a feedback to them, the same person replied to me. They never provide to the problem and close my ticket!! LAZADA sucks!!

  43. never use lazada if you dont wanna cry like a baby
    they are really suck ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

  44. Just bought a camera from Lazada yesterday. Camera reach my home today! Superb on delivery....but after unbox it..found sd card cannot slot in & one corner of the camera look like not seal properly...can see through into the inner part...really disappointed with the product...think will go through long process to get refund/replacement from Lazada.. good luck

    1. Good luck to you in getting refunded ;)

  45. I bought almost everything i owned from lazada..From Electric Appliances, Gadgets, Books, Toys for my kids.. and never had any bad experience, not even once and also item as describe.. Why so many -ve reviews here? Not representing LAZADA okay but its hard for me to digest the fact of bad experiences.. huh..

    1. Good to hear that :)
      Luck I guess ?

  46. In any business dealing, trust is the integral part in getting customer's support.

    Such is lacking with LAZADA.

    They can keep posting that certain item is "in stock" but when ordered and paid for, suddenly delivery is delayed despite the item being "in stock" all this while. Some people buy certain items with real intention of using them for work within certain timeframe. So such "inaccurate" ad is enough for me to shun this online as it has affected my work!

  47. Great post thanks for sharing.

  48. I know Lazada had some really shitty problems but are they still like this though? I just made my first purchase about 2 weeks ago. Ordered three items from them. The first 2 arrived two days after, but before the third one that was out of stock, so it arrived only last week. I wouldn't say the service sucks, but I agree that some products always run out of stock. But other than that, I would definitely buy from the again.

  49. A lot of Lowyat members do not recommend Lazada Malaysia anymore.

    Too many "I DONT KNOWS" from their service and TERRIBLE FOLLOWUPS.

    Wasted money and time. Better get your electrical goods from the original distributor like Sony or Apple etc etc direct online people not these kind of 3rd party company who will delete customer accounts for complaining publicly


  50. hi, u may check camera for clearance with good price here. No scan, got COD for JB area

  51. no shiet.. just got my tablet today.. turns out they gave me 1gb storage instead of 4gb like on product description..

  52. just bought a PS3 with VISA promo (extra 15% less), yesterday, the instruction said upon checking out, the promo price will be displayed, but upon checking out, the price i the one w/o discount, and confirmation mail was also showing the price w/o discount, so i called lazada but the response was "the promo is over"// but it is showing in their web even today. So i called my bank to cancel the transaction but the bank is too eficient, they already release payment. So fast, so i called again and again and talked to 2 or their indian (i think from india based on the very thick accent) which i hardly understand, maybe the labor is cheap. So they promised they will check with finance, and will refund the balance as according to their promo and will call back today, today no call, so i call back, the same indian guy picked up and give me the same sh*t, the delivery status in Lazada is showing that my order is being processed in their warehouse. as its just been 2 days, i will see how this will turn out. A VISA promo but charges full? this is beyond funny. wish me luck lol.. PS3 aint cheap haha

  53. Ok just to note that i made the order on the 16.12.2013, i got my PS3 today, 18.12.2013, delivery wise this is very fast, i had made a call just now, and they CS informed that they will make a refund of the difference between VISA promo and the original price back to my credit card. But i am not opening the package until i had an email confirmation on the refund.

    1. Good luck in getting refunded :)

    2. hahahaha im not putting much hope based on the comments and review thus far.. im annoyed with their customer service, they should employed locals for malaysian market man.. its too hard to understand the indian accent..

    3. Do share with everyone if you're lucky enough to be refunded XD

  54. I have extremely bad experience with Lazada. I placed my ordered yesterday at 4.27pm. Then I checked the status at 4.35pm. It is processing. I checked again the status at 5pm. I was shocked that the status changed to payment unsuccessful. I straight away called their cs. Below r the reasons:
    1) first cs rep: due to wrong info of my credit card.( If it was wrong why did the transaction went smoothly and the amount has been successfully credited from my credit card?)
    2) 2nd cs: due to my username of my lazada account which is a combination of my name n a number. (What the ...)
    3) 3rd cs: due to our system error which we cannot do anything except refund the money within 10days n advised me to place new order. (Go to hell with that!)
    4) 4th cs: we did not receive payment from u n our finance also confirmed the money is not with them. (When asked to speak to finance dept, even their cs manager are unable to pass to finance)

    My credit card bank confirmed that they have released/approved the transaction so that they are unable to revert back since the money arrived at lazada account. But bank finally revealed that lazada has not claim it. (Oh why is their system complicates thing?)

    Lastly bank advised to wait for 7 days for lazada to proceed. If no action (claim) within that period the bank will automatically refund the money to my account.

    Please be careful with them.

    1. At least your bank agrees to issue a refund if no action is taken after 7 days.
      Good luck to you !

    2. Why so much of complaint about lazada? I don't think that bad unless some of the merchants not doing the correct way only.

  55. Lazada after sales service is horrible. Customer Service promise to call you back but never do. Write email to them, dont bother to reply. Customer Service manager is also rude. They answer calls but don't solve problem. Just give empty promises. They should have a feedback button for customer to rate their service. Hope the Lazada Malaysia Head Of Customer Service, Rajan Manoharan is reading this. If anyone has his email pls give me. I want to write to him and complain. I can provide him all the emails and case number.

  56. I've ordered something it's been a week already I did not get any update on that, no email no text no email even, I've sent an email but no reply on that, LAZADA is FRAUD, They're lucky because in Philippines there is not consumer law if there is I'll sue them first, but I've still sue them under credit card fraud, because I've already paid it and did not get anything, sent email but no reply it means they are fraud. Guys don't ever buy anything from LAZADA, anyone has good experience with LADAZA they're lucky but this is my experience with LAZADA. For me they are Just a Fraud Company.

  57. Lazada sucks, I ordered three items from them, 2 items arrived in 2 days and the last item still missing, when I call them they dont know where is it as they say it was shipped by LEX, what is that I dont know and they also dont know..I keep calling them emailing them but their customer service really sucks..so until today I am still waiting for my item to come.....dont buy from Lazada or you will regret it sooner or later.

    1. Because lazada depends on the merchant to ship but using their own shipment service usually via skynet or tqbin but don't hear about gdex.
      What ever is internal I don't know. How and what they promised the customers we don't know. We just ship using their consignment notes given to us and key in and send to the customers.
      Just that sad is they are asking a lot of discounts from us merchants and also need to pay for the shipping which is usually double or tripled the price of pos laju.
      So sometimes rugi jual.

  58. I also have a bad experience with them.I have made purchase on the 9th february. however, then i notice there a voucher code when i open lazada website on my handphone. the strange thing is when i open the website on my laptop, there is no voucher code shown. so, i decide to cancel the order and make a new order. However, it took more than 5 days for me to get the refund back on my credit card.at first, lazada's email said it takes 3-5 working days. on the fifth days, i check, there is still no refund, the amount has not been deduct but been hold. and then i email again asking the status of refund. now then they said it takes between 5-10 working days. they really have waste my time waiting for an email said the refund has been done. luckily i have cancel the purchase although i have waste my time waiting for the refund. no wonder the price is so cheap. I've been doing a lot of purchase on ebay website and other online store but this thing never happen.

  59. Very bad experience with Lazada, the first time (last year), they service was good, but this year I got mad with them, and I got worry whether they really have been shipped my order or not, because this time they shipped with LEX without tracking number and I got no way to track where my item is right now, keep call customer service and they said will call back but eventually no. event email, feedback form and facebook message no reply from they as well. BAD customer service and BAD shipping method they provided, How can they shipped an expensive order with no tracking number ?

  60. Had my bad experience.. ordered a gopro and some accessories on the 12/3/2014.. status online shows item has been shipped, called them on the 17th, one of their support member said item is being shipped from taiwan, and has already arrive in KL, and will be shipped to me in Penang by 18/3/2014. Then on 18th March called to ask what happened to shipment, another person replied saying item still has not arrived in KL and will take another 1 to 2 weeks. Got really mad coz their are not consistent with their shipment status. Then called again to cancel, asked me why i wanna cancel, told them i rather get the stuff else where given that their service is bad. Was pretty civil with them. Then told them to confirm my cancellation and send me an email, which they still have not for the past 24 hours. Did a follow up with them via email, fb, etc, still no response. Lazada, epic fail. I must say, there were times when they were really fast with delivery, then this happened. I am ok if they had communicated clearly with me that item is coming from Taiwan and have to wait for 2 weeks if they had told me right after i placed my order, but not after a week waiting and wondering what happened. Then each support member gives a different answer, one even told me, yeah sir, please cancel, only then Lazada will know how its losing customers.

    Now I am not sure if the item is cancelled in their system or not and kinda stuck in limbo, coz I dont want item to be shipped to me even after cancelling it. I never do online transactions with them because i dont trust them. Would not recommend them to anyone anymore. I'm done with them.

    Ipmart is so far my preferred one, no bad experience so far except that they dont carry much options. They are very consistent with their communication, they even call and let me know that item order will take x number of days, and if i am ok with that only then they proceed. Also when item is shipped, details with photos are emailed to me. I really that, but they don't carry much choices.

  61. I have ordered once before and received item within the 6-8 business days they promised. And use COD method of payment. The quality of item was as expected. Now I'm buying an inflatable sofa, which I assume will have the risk of being punctured or something. But its not that expensive so I mean loose a lot if there are any issues. But I read on here that one customer received a China-made version and Lazada said that the customer changed it themselves...sooo that is scary. I guess they could say that I damaged the item myself if inflatable chair has a hole or something when I try to pump. Now stupid me not even sure if they include the pump. Never mind it will be as before, and I'll be satisfied with my purchase

  62. Hi! Wow, this is a popular website with so many people commenting, hahah. I am going to buy my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 from Lazada Malaysia by cash on delivery since it is RM 500 cheaper ( COD is much more reliable according to my reseach if U buy from Lazada ), but after reading all these comments, I'm confused because the feedback is mostly positive on the Lazada website. I even found people claiming that Lazada sell them a faulty/counterfeit products on the internet. So, do anyone has a good and reliable place/website that I can buy my phone from? ( I prefer shops rather than website )

    Really appreciate if someone can help me... :)
    and I live in Kuala Lumpur by the way ( so recommend shops from KL :) )

    # and I decided that I am not goin to buy that phone from Lazada XD

    1. Hi.

      Have you ever heard of Directd in Subang Jaya ? Their price is probably the lowest in KL/Selangor area. Visit them if transportation isn't an issue for you !

    2. Greetings to all.

      My name is Aaliyah and I am currently working for Lazada Malaysia. This post was created in 2012 and true enough, the blogger had a valid reason for ranting of his unpleasant shopping experience with us, which we regret very much. The problems that had occured were basically due to Human Error. Fast tracking now to the present time, I'm not going to falsely lie and tell you that everything is smooth and perfect, but I can promise you that we are a running business that cares very much for our customers and their feedback. Please place your order, and should you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to email me at aaliyah.soraya@lazada.com.my.

  63. They send me a wrong item, not only that they changed the item on my receipt to look like i ordered that item while charging me the same price.

    Still waiting for my refund, its been almost a month, they gave the same bs "your refund is being processed you should get it by this week," week after week is the same.

    How is this company still running after years of doing this?!

    1. Dear Anonymous,

      I'd like to know more about your case and would like this to be resolved as soon as possible. Please email me at aaliyah.soraya@lazada.com.my with your order number and other details. We regret situations like yours very much and want to make this work. Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Thank you,

  64. Greetings to all.

    My name is Aaliyah and I am currently working for Lazada Malaysia. This post was created in 2012 and true enough, the blogger had a valid reason for ranting of his unpleasant shopping experience with us, which we regret very much. The problems that had occured were basically due to Human Error. Fast tracking now to the present time, I'm not going to falsely lie and tell you that everything is smooth and perfect, but I can promise you that we are a running business that cares very much for our customers and their feedback. For anyone who's ever had an unpleasant shopping experience with us and should any of you encounter any problems while shopping with us, please do not hesitate to email me at aaliyah.soraya@lazada.com.my.
    Thank you.

    1. Please don't said you care about customer.

      I bought a digital camera on 15/Apr, the details mention 2-3 delivery date (I AM PRETTY SURE BECAUSE I NEED IT FOR MY WORK!) and didn't mention IMPORT! I received sms on 16/Apr that the camera is courier out. 18/Apr i haven't received and i make my 1st called to C.S. Your C.S told me my item is on delivery and i will RECEIVE on 21/Apr. Ok, Fine since i need it on Tuesday. But unfortunately 21/Apr i didnt received and i called C.S again. C.S told the item is currently on CHINA (WHAT THE HELL?! I am not buying import item) and only arrived on Wednesday but i can't trust this Malay man (not recist but i am sure he doesn't know what he is talking!). I log an email to C.S again for confirm my delivery time and i received a reply told me the item currently on HONG KONG custom. Do you understand how my feeling? Is ok, i log a complaint letter and try to confirm again about delivery time. This time your C.S is worry about reputation and call me to explain but this is still a stupid fella to handle this case! I want to know when is the delivery time please do not answer me MAYBE THIS FRIDAY! what the hell you means MAYBE? You don't need to reply if the answer is STILL MAYBE! So stop telling peoples that you or LAZADA care about customer.

  65. Well, recently I order Cherry Mobile Omega XL, Lazada delivered next day and I didn't pay for shipping...and yeah I used coupon for my Omega XL! I just recommend you guys
    http://iprice.ph/coupons/store/lazada-philippines-voucher-codes/ :)))

  66. You're RIGHT! Lazada provide a bad services! THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU CHOOSE LAZADA!

    I bought a Digital camera at LAZADA, in the sales page i saw 2-3 delivery day but after my purchase they change to 6-10 delivery day! what the hell?

    LAZADA is consider stupid company who provide stupid services and hope all of you THINK TWICE before buying somethings at LAZADA!

  67. I like Lazada and I totally don't care what you guys say, the products are cheap and also they have cash on delivery, if you are not happy with that product or service, cancel it, and if they block your account just make another one, and if you don't like shopping at Lazada, I guess u r happy to pay extra money for petrol and as well as going to the shop and paying extra RM50 or more for the same product u could get at Lazada, and also if your product is broken at these shops you can't return your item, once you pay for it. All your guys complaints is so unmatured

    1. Yes the price offered by Lazada is indeed extremely low. But hey, is that the only factor you look at when you purchase something ? Warranty and service mean something when it comes to buying expensive stuff/gadgets.

      Would you pay few thousand bucks for something that you know it'll take forever to arrive ? COD ? Yes, but not through Lazada especially when you need your item urgently. Waiting for Lazada's delivery is an eternity.

      Sometimes it's worth paying RM50 or even RM100 extra for something you can check/inspect to make sure it's in good condition before you buy it. Not to mention about the warranty. Who knows when you claim your warranty through Lazada, they are going to twist everything round and round without the knowledge of where your item is being stuck at ?

      We are not happy ? Yes, we do cancel our order. We do request refund. But heck, even cancellation or refund takes WEEKS for lazada ! Didn't you read all the comments UP THERE ?

      Also, I don't see any problems with sharing experiences.You see them as complaints, I see them as feedback. Now Lazada certain has some problems with the way they deal with their customers. All the victims are sharing their painful experience with Lazada, so that people get to know that these are the problems that exist. I don't see anything wrong with that. I don't see how this is IMMATURE.

      So whenever you encounter a problem, you just keep quiet and avoid confronting it ? If this is how you live your life, God Bless You.

      To be more precise, the one who said "I totally don't care" but at the end bothered leaving a comment here is the one who's truly IMMATURE.


  68. Recently wanting to buy a gopro from Lazada and as soon as I click proceed after completing my Payment method, the website screwed and go under maintainance.

    a few minutes after that i got a message from my bank telling me that the amount for my order is charged for Lazada.

    got excited and check my order on Lazada's account and it stated my payment was unsuccessful. wth.

    called and their customer said they will refund my money in 7-14 days. do they know if i invest that money in 7-14 days i can get double amount than i paid??

    ridiculous inefficiency which is troublesome to the customer.

  69. Well Guys... You Cant find Perfect Seller.. I been buying stuff from LAZADA.MY since last year.. I will say they are not the best... yet I still prefer LAZADA.MY... why? Return policy 14 Days.. ( I have return item and got full refund + postage).. At times yes there is delay in product delivery.. TIPS for all the LAZADA Shopper.. Check Who is the seller ( lazada or 3rd party) you can find that details when click on products.. Usually if its from LAZADA, delivery within 1-3 days, unless OOS. I had bad experience with them too.. but their discount price and payment method option is awesome... I always compare price with lelong.my and mudah.my before purchase.. Not everything is cheap in LAZADA... My Rate : Lazada 80% thumbs up... Why again (Item sold are not refundable typical Malaysian shop/seller policy).

  70. I havent had a bad experience and ive bought a bunch of things from there, what you need to do as with any online shopping is research the product thoroughly before you buy it, do some googling of model numbers etc etc, read the description. be a informed buyer.

    1. Yeah..same here..no bad experienceeeeeeeeeeeeee until this month..made me so disappointed since i need the item asap dunno what happen to them..just ask for an update..and they answered it was already sent thru their in house courier LEX just yesterday..it was ordered a week and a half earlier..dont want to talk much..hope they fix this issue..not just for me but also for the future transactions..

    2. just an additional info for future reference for improvement.. when i order on the same bracket please deliver the items in one package..had ordered 5 items and 2 items arrived late..(separated from my other order)

    3. this Well Guys... You Cant find Perfect Seller.. I been buying stuff from LAZADA.MY since last year.. I will say they are not the best... yet I still prefer LAZADA.MY... why? Return policy 14 Days.. ( I have return item and got full refund + postage).. At times yes there is delay in product delivery.. TIPS for all the LAZADA Shopper.. Check Who is the seller ( lazada or 3rd party) you can find that details when click on products.. Usually if its from LAZADA, delivery within 1-3 days, unless OOS. I had bad experience with them too.. but their discount price and payment method option is awesome... I always compare price with lelong.my and mudah.my before purchase.. Not everything is cheap in LAZADA... My Rate : Lazada 80% thumbs up... Why again (Item sold are not refundable typical Malaysian shop/seller policy).

      R u sure. Almost 90% of ppl i know have bad experience & will nvr buy from L again

    4. WHAT A JOKE. , Lzd Malaysia dont even dare to put in their valid contact number. The number that publish on the main website is no longer in service.

  71. Was thinking of buying a product costing almost RM1k. Before coming to this site, I noticed the product description was too brief and did not state what are the accessories included (i.e. what's in the box is blank). Also noticed the photo of the product is different from what is shown in the official website of the company of the product I am interested to buy. Now after reading all these mainly negative comments, I am going elsewhere. Lazada, buck up or you will lose lots of customers.

  72. Just bought from the last week. Everything went A-okay! This post was like in 2012 when they started up. Maybe better already than before.

  73. Never had a problem with Lazada. At times delivery may be slow, but I think they offer great deals. Most of the time I'd buy from LAZADA itself but I do have several experiences with buying form 3rd Parties. So far, all went well. In regards to customer service, the rep behind the phone are also human beings and are subject to emotions and life circumstances so do not ever expect a perfect service from individuals. Btw, to those paranoid people out there, I am not from Lazada and I am not related to the company in any way. Well, the only relation I have with Lazada is that I am their customer and they are my dealer. So yeah. Bad mouths here and there, in the end, its mostly just a bad experience or two and they start becoming drama queens. Society can never be satisfied and that's just all about it.


      It looks like lazada is trying to cover up their reputation by huge and flashy ads.

      Here is my story ...

      Initially I placed an order for samsung washing machine without any offers. It mentioned delivery in 1-3 days but it took 7 working days to dispatch alone. It got delivered 4 days after dispatch (total about 2 weeks). This is a huge delay considering the delivery time promised on their website but is still acceptable.

      But the 12/12 (DEC 2014) mega sale was a HUGE SCAM. Me and most of my colleagues who tried to make orders with great discounts and/or voucher codes were unable to complete the orders. Either the page would fail during payment or during final payment confirmation. If you want to order again since order could not be completed, it would say that Voucher has been used already.

      I waited for christmas deals and got a good deal for a Fridge(really?). I ordered with a discount voucher and luckily was able to place the order. The order got successfully verified but after about 5 days, they cancelled it.

      The reason they mentioned is that they are out of Stock. But the same product is still available to order but at a higher price. If it is really out of stock the product page should have the *OUT OF STOCK* notice. Now I have to follow up for my refund.

      They are simply avoiding/cancelling orders placed with huge discounts/voucher codes. I came to know this when I learned that similar story happened to one of my office colleagues with different products( 1 TB WD external hard disk)


      *** It may seem very lucrative but there is no guarantee that you would receive the item even if you are successfully able to place the order. Go for it if you want to waste your time and try your LUCK ***

      I am the latest VICTIM of lazada. I am new to Malaysia and fell prey for lazada. I am so used to online shopping in my country because of amazon which is so genuine and I just got into the same habit after coming to Malaysia. I believe the story is similar with other online shopping websites from Malaysia from the reviews I read. E-retail / online business is a huge risk in malaysia.

  74. Was about to buy a gopro for wifeys birthday...and i read dis.. though last yr i did buy so thing cheap frm them..the shake n take. .. smooth delivery no hassles. But that was only like rm50-60 ..gopro is almost 1k and its electronic items. After reading dis, i think id rather pay a little extra n buy it cash n carry frm klcc.

  75. My personal experience, i made 2 previous purchases with lazada before, it was smooth and fast, even delivered on time. But the 3rd purchases seems to be the problem, i purchase a psp 3000 from the selection, all went well, in processed and will be shipped, the next day i get an email and call from lazada saying the item is currently out of stock, funny really, and so the next thing i do is visit the page again, the psp3000 is still there status available, this time i click it, i doesn't allow COD, and the next day i check again, only they put the items is out of stock. HAHAHA, seriously lazada, you need to re-categorize all the items, and check the availability status of the product, some product appeared on both category, i even notice, some products from different suppliers are not COD available, only credit transactions, different suppliers different payment approach. No offence, just a piece of my thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

    1. And... i forgot to mention, your assistance team said there was a way if you want to wait for the item to be made available, that they sent you a notification letter or sort, i can't find this anywhere on the page LOL.

  76. Just bout want to buy new seal PS4.. this blog just makes me thinks thousand times either buy it or not..*suffered T_T

    1. Hi. If you insist, make sure you choose COD.
      Best of luck ;)

  77. OMG.. i just ordered a iphone 5s from Lazada. Luckily is COD.. can i cancel it but product status stated "shipped" ?

    1. now,you get your iphone or not??

  78. I ordered an i-rova from them, GDEX worst courier, They dont even bother to call you even if you place a note outside, they will just hang a note at your door knob that there's nobody home.
    after 6 days, finally 1 smart GDEX courier called and I was able to open the door(Sorry we got a steel gate and cant hear even if you knock) and got the item. I thought the nightmare ends, but to my surprise. The item is used already. Dust box got dust and hairs in it. even the side brush is not in good condition, the unit itself is dirty as well.

    well, called them and sent them the pictures of the item. the only thing they can say is if you want to cancel, you will received the money within 3-5 business days or you can return the item to our warehouse(WTF) I told the CS, is it my fault, why would i bring the item, have someone to pick it up. 1-3 days again...then after that delivery of 1-6 days...it's been hell with Lazada.

  79. Hi, I had twice BAD experience with Lazada so called 'best online purchase' bla bla in Malaysia.
    1. Items bought is not as per illustrated.
    2. Item bought never arrive in 2 weeks (5-8days become 2 weeks??). Online tracking status says ' ready to despatch'.Only come to know when you call. no stock so they cancelled and will reimburse the money.WTF !

    Lazada is just a lousy company. They are just doing such dropship. I prefer to buy right from the shelf. Bloddy bastard Lazada !

    Please warn our family and friends about this. Or will regret for for life.


  80. It is an important siteand good to visit ,
    online shoping

  81. I'm too late to spot this post. Same thing happen to me, 1-3 business day delivery and wait for 1 week only informed by the CS that no stock for the item. WTF? and this is only after several calls to their CS. Right now waiting for their refund and hope it can be done without any issue.

  82. Bought 3 items from Lazada. One of them arrived safe and fast. Another one arrived with defect and they sent a BROKEN replacement! The third one was cancelled 1 week after payment went through and after I received message that item is being shipped (!). Reason given is that the merchant could not deliver in time (I saw the exact item in abundant in the merchant's stores!). I suspect they cancelled because the selling price is too low (minus the mastercard 10%), which also means they fail to honor their promotion. I sent complaints via FB to them regarding the second order because I was really pissed off with the broken replacement, and they blocked me afterwards. Sorry to say, Lazada is off my list. To those who think we have nothing better to do than to sit here badmouthing Lazada, good luck to you.

  83. I have a positive experience with Lazada so far.

    I ordered several items such as SanDisk memory cards and they arrived within the 3 business days time frame. So did the Xiaomi Redmi Note smartphone.

    On Oct. 23, I ordered a watch. Based on the tracking number given to me by Lazada, GDex confirmed that it picked up this item on Oct. 24.

    Ordering things online does require some amount of patience. To be fair to Lazada, it also depends on the suppliers who might be slow in shipping out their products.


  84. I first experience with Lazada Malaysia was spot on. That was 2 years ago, and it was smooth sailing.

    But lately, over 2 weeks ago, I placed an order for a Fuji Xerox printer that the item photos showed a WHITE model. There was no clear description mentioning that it was black or white, nor any option to choose the colour of my choice. So, the photos conclude that the printer came in WHITE colour.

    Guess what? On Oct 16, I received my printer and it was BLACK !! Dafaq!? I didn't even open the box at all, and reported this matter immediately to Lazada Malaysia. They wanted me to return the printer myself, which I then told them off that the printer is huge and their mistake for sending me the wrong one. In the end, they've to arrange with the courier service to pick it up. This dragged on until Oct 24 when the PosLaju van came by nearly 2 hours later than the allocated time of collection. My returned printer was successfully return to Lazada's warehouse.

    To make matters worse, a couple of days ago, I got a call from their customer care, and they told me that the supplier doesn't have WHITE. WTF!? They offered a full refund, which I declined. After all the trouble and days wasted, Lazada Malaysia should hold responsible for this 'screw up', rather than throw the problem back into the customer's face.

    Lazada Malaysia has NO INTEGRITY what so ever! And I believe that each department in this F**KED UP company are isolated from each other. They don't communicate with each other at all, and more mistakes are happening. It'll be better off if both CEO and COO are booted out and replaced to turn things around immediately.

    So, better to avoid Lazada Malaysia now, and let them fix their internal problems first until it matches to the standard of Amazon.com.

  85. Bought an i-rova on OCT 2014 and they sent me a unit that looks like has been used.
    The i-rove logo sticker peel off half way and the top cover is slightly out of position.
    1 of the side brush came off.
    The worst thing is the i-rova need to be reset every day.
    Lazada suck.

  86. I just bought Pineng Powerbank PN-999, so it is the chaepest compared to other online price. It was delivered the next day after my order. So I am happy with my order.

  87. Online shopping suppose to be enjoyable, convenient , and hassle free,

    when u shop with Lazada, if u expect service like amazon.com or reputable online seller, u better think twice! Go try it out then u know, no pain no gain!
    Tq for listening~ peace!

  88. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  89. its not a wise decision for anyone to shop and have transactions with LAZADA online shopping . I did received text message from them that on that date/same day I will be receiving my purchased item .I've waited and tried to reach thru their 7958900 hot line but very hard to reach them. I did again received a txt message saying that my place is hard to find and that is unbelievable because that was not first delivery done from that same LAZADA .They cannot be reach since then and I am still hanging on for my purchased item . they're adding into my problems , How I wish I never tried to give chances again so I will never have this agony . They're a pain that is incurable .

  90. Just my two cents here, I've had positive and neutral (bordering on negative) experiences with Lazada. I bought earphones (3 times) and a monopod with a bluetooth shutter and a Moto G from this website on separate occasions (All COD). The first ocassion (earphones) was a good experience; item arrived quickly and in good condition and I was happy with my purchase (earphones also came with warranty). Second occasion, I bought the monopod with shutter, it arrived fast but I was disappointed that the monopod was ORANGE instead of BLACK as featured on the website. Last purchase was a Moto G phone. They took TWO weeks to deliver, I had to call to inquire several times and they told me it was in the warehouse/my order is still processing, and I really thought that I wouldn't get it. Dad called some people he knew to look into it, and suddenly the item was on the way. #amiraclehappened

    Frankly, after my last experience, I don't feel like purchasing from lazada anymore.(Who knows, the next item might never arrive) I'm sorry to hear that so many of you have had bad experiences :l

    A tip for those of you who still want to purchase from Lazada, at least opt for the COD option if it's available. Less hassle trying to get your money back that way.

  91. i am buying a phone from lazada. Wish me luck.

  92. Ordered Lenovo Laptop advertised on their site on Nov 10, 2014. By Nov 13 they advised the item was not available despite still being advertised on their site. They informed me by Nov 17 that they had "processed by refund" and it would take 45 days to be received. I pay them immediately and they take 45 days to give my money back. After numerous followups still no refund 2 months later. They are now blaming it on the bank and saying that they never actually had my money. My account was debited the same day of the transaction back in Nov. This company are fraud artists and their behavior shows a premeditated and intentional effort to defraud. Advertising products that do not exist or that they know they cannot deliver, taking payment for said falsely advertised products, and stonewalling refunds. BUYER BEWARE. DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM LAZADA.COM.PH OR ANY OF THEIR OTHER LAZADA SITES.

    Tip for consumers: STAY AWAY. FRAUD ARTISTS.I have documentation to prove my claims.

  93. I'm planing to buy a new DSLR Nikon from Lazada, thank you for this news.

    Before this I had a problem with Zalora service, ok I'll tell you, I've made an order to buy a bagpack from Zalora and in the page, the time for delivery is about 1 to 3 days, but I was angry when it was already 7 days after placing the order but still not receive any parcel? must feel weird isn't it? so I asked the staff which are working in "live chat" on the site and she said that my parcel was sent and may not arrive on time, she asked me to be patient.. -What the hell? ok fine then,

    when it was already been a week! I was still patient. And 5 days later I received an email from Zalora say that my parcel was rejected by the recipient, BUT I have never received any parcel from them yet? Strange isn't it? so I asked in live chat again "why I received the email?" *I sent her the screenshot of the email I've received* she said that my parcel has been rejected by me! (receipient) and I explained to her about I was not receive any parcel again and again until she truly understands.

    UGH. Further, she said that it was their mistake so it's okay, I was still patient, again. (almost blew up the volcano) then I asked again, can I cancel the order? she replied, "The order is considered as canceled" and what the hell, they didn't tell me about it and made me wait for a long time for delivery which isn't going to arrive or in simple words to say the shipment that don't even exist?

    but about money, luckily I'm not paying through the bank so I've no problem with that cause I've chose to pay by COD. (cash on delivery) .. so here's my experience with the Zalora's service. And as an apology for the confusion and problems, Zalora gave to me the forgiveness voucher and it is only 15%. -_-

    1. What ? First they said the parcel was rejected by you, the recipient and next they cancelled off your order directly ? WOW

    2. i think they sent it to the wrong address and rejected.