Friday, 12 October 2012

Hair Coloring is So.Much.Fun !

I'm now back with maaaaa 
colorful hair ! :D 


My sem break's finally ended.
Same goes to my job as a tuition teacher :D
As planned previously,
I'd really like to color my short hair =P.

So again,
I bleached my hair on my own.
After 3 times of bleaching.

It's still very yellowish.
I should've used a 30Vol developer.
Right after bleaching,
I washed my hair with purple shampoo,
to tone down the brasiness for a bit.

In fact,
I wanted to go white again,
I failed.
I couldn't stand anymore bleachings because
my scalp was burning so hard.
It's really painful >.<
(I was abit rushed)
I can feel rashes along my hair line already >.<
That's why,
it's always advisable to have bleachings done in salons,
rather than DIY.

Didn't tone my hair with toner,
My hair definitely wasn't light enough to be toned to white.
So I did Cerise highlight instead :)

I'm gonna flood you with some photos.

 My hair color makes me look extra fair :)

Fair skin. No jelly please.
heh :D

 Isn't this combination lovely :) ?

I've been told that we look really alike.
hah :D

Do you love it :D ?
colorful hair makes me happy :)
This is the reason why I loving dyeing my hair :)
Everytime when I look into the mirror,
I feel jolly LOL !!
整个场面我 HOLD 住 XD

I tried toning my hair with purple toner few hours ago
My hair color's now completely fucked up.
It's unevenly silvery and brassy lol.
It's just gonna be a transition as I'll be dyeing my hair
with another color real soon :)

Guess what color's coming up next ?
Isn't it obvious? LOL
Enjoy :) !


  1. Clicked in because of the pic. It is super awesome!!! I never had the guts to bleach my hair. Yours is so so cool. X)

  2. I like it ! Very cool.
    How many time did you wait between each bleach ? I'm going to do the same and I don't want to burn my scalp !