Thursday, 18 October 2012

Pink hair strikes ;)

Here it comes again ~
the Pink hair :D


So I've just dyed my hair 
with a combination of colors,
called the "Happy" or "Happiness" ;)

My hair's Yellow + Cerise.
Toned it into silver and dyed violet over the cerise.

Ding ding dong dong.
I don't quite like it :(

As planned,
I colored the entire head with Cerise just this Monday
As you guys know, or maybe you didn't know,
I usually do several colors (with highlights or dip-dye)
instead of just one ;)

So I got the Happy Orange and Yellow as well ;) !

Coloring in progress :D

Badly stained

Dyes used :
Directions Cerise
Directions Fluorescent Glow
Directions Mandarin

No bleaching involved this time.
I dyed the orange directly over the violet.

Sooooo Taaadaaaaaaa :D !

The orange's somewhat run into the yellow :(
but I still love it :)

 The side :D

and the back
I've got a little bit of orange at the bottom ;)

Close Up

I'm gonna flood this post with HAPPINESS :D

I really love this combination :D

Meception :D

With Pom Pom.

 "Look at the camera !"

Chickie Chickie Boom Boom :D

at One Utama :D

Full plate of Fruits and Vegetables ;)

Can you feeeeeeel it ?
The happiness :D ?
Doesn't my hair look happy XD ?
I absolutely looveee my hair :D
You do as well huh ?
I guess I'll be dyeing a little bit of purple at the back section ?
I believe it'll go very well with cerise ;)

Beautiful :D
You are beautiful ~
No matter what they say ~ 

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