Thursday, 15 November 2012

Orange Hair Says "Hi" To You !

Orange hair
says "Hi" to you ;) !

 QIANGG !!!!! :D

Hey peopleeeeee !
So I dyed my hair Orange few weeks ago :) !

I'm gonna show you
how I transformed from Cerise to Orange ;)
What I first did was a bleach bath.

It helped getting rid off the cerise so much !

Preparing the dyes !

Dyes used:
1. Napalm Orange - Special Effects
2. Cerise - Directions
3. Mandarin - Directions
4. Poppy Red - Directions
5. Plum - Directions (Not shown in photo)

 I diluted the Cerise with toner 
to get a slightly lighter shade

The neon neon orange ;) !

 A little bit of yellow on the right

 Poppy Red and Plum on the left

Cerise at the back

And the outcome .... 


Cool eh ?
I really love this orange.
It's the only orange that I'll dye my hair with,
which is the Napalm Orange by SFX.
It has that "neon" that other brands don't have !

Toooooo neon !

The Cerise !

 With Pom Pom :)

Our eyes -_-

This side looks like a mess _-_

Multilevel Me-Ception. Heh.

It's been a great 2 weeks 
since I dyed my hair orange.
It's started looking washed out.
ugh !
So I decided to top up the Orange,
to recover the 'neon' of it ! ;)

Here starts the 2nd round of Colouring !

No bleaching's done.
No hair damage involved :D

Dyes used this time:
1. Napalm Orange - Special Effects
2. Cerise - Directions
3. Plum - Directions
4. Turquoise - Directions

Doesn't this combination sound exciting ?
Orange + Turquoise ?
Do they even go along ?!
Let's see ! :D

Cerise. Plum

Here they are.
Orange, Turquoise, Plum

As done previously, Cerise at the back.
No dilution.

Jeng Jeng Jeng Jeng ! :D
Doesn't this combination look wicked ?!
I dyed the turquoise directly over the yellow chunk.
It turned out to be kinda greenish :S


Teeeheee :D
Neon orange hair is exciting,
isn't it ?!

Let's try another wicked combi next time 
Ha :D


  1. wow, i'm sure many ppl will stare at u at the public!

  2. Love your hair colour combinations. I just had a turquoise and limelight do, but it faded pretty quick. Do you get Directions and Special Effects from overseas or have you found them in Malaysia?

  3. @Natarii Try to wash your hair less often. I got them on ebay :)

  4. Haha I do wash my hair less often. Maybe I just didn't use enough on my hair. Okay thanks for the information (:

  5. @Natarii If you're using Semi-permanent hair dye, try leaving them as long as possible when colouring. 2-3hours would be great.

  6. Hi, i wish to purchase does hair dye color too..could you please give me a link where you purchase the hair dye..thank you so much

  7. Anonymous
    please drop me an email at :)