Monday, 17 December 2012

Turquoise Hair ? Green Hair ?

Turquoise ?
or Green Hair ? 

 Jiang Jiang ;D

This is actually an expired blog post huhu.
Just 2 weeks ago,
I dyed my hair green from orange ;)

what I was trying to do was Turquoise,
but too bad, it turned out to be green lol.
Wanna know why ?
Keep on reading then ;)

So what I first did was a bleach bath,
to freaking strip the neon orange out.
and something like this came up.

The bleach I used was a CHEAPALAK one.
It couldn't really completely strip all the colors out.
I strongly suggest using a really good bleaching powder.
You get what you pay for.
Cheap bleaching powder isn't even close to those expensive ones ;)

As you can see,
my hair was still kinda orange/yellowish.
I should've realized that !
I didn't even tone my hair with a purple shampoo !
I'd completely forgotten about that ahhh.

Time for the colors.

Dyes used:
1. Directions Turquoise x2
2. Directions Plum
3. Directions Cerise
4. Directions Fluorescent  Glow (Yellow Dye)
5. Directions Poppy Red
6. Directions Toner

With the colors on !
 Neon Neon Chunk ;)

 As usual, terribly stained lol.

Dyed the little green chunk with yellow
Side with Plum
Bottom (back) with Poppy Red and Cerise
The rest with Turquoise

I'm gonna flood you guys again with photo lol.

 Pad-ception ;D

 Got this unexpectedly ;)

The middle layer's the color that I wanted !
It turned out to be turquoise (lighter)
simply because it was bleached lighter than the rest.

 I LOVE this combi ;)
That purple is so much love !

This little neon chunk is cute ;)
Me Gusta :D

It was kinda disappointing because 
it turned out to be THAT greenish.
I should've bleached my hair for once more gahhh !
I still LOVE it.
because it's so awesomely vibrant.
and I'd been receiving some compliments on it ;)

and what else ?
It feels so NATURAL HAHA.
Because it's green, eh ? Nature XD


  1. May I know what will the colour be when the turquoise colour fades till the lightest it can go ? Do u have a pic of it ? If yes, can u send it to me at . I think u look younger and better looking with short hair !

  2. Oh ya , 1 more question ! I dyed my hair today and I disliked the colour, how many days should I wait to dye it again ? ( or no need to wait ? ) My hair is quite damaged due to bleaching ardy, I'm a girl with long hair ...

  3. @Anonymous
    It actually depends on the dye u use (the base color of the dye)
    The dye that I use (Directions Turquoise) fades into muddy green. Sry that I can't show you any photo, but you can probably find one or two in my blog.
    Another thing is, I've just dyed my hair with "true turquoise" XD. Haven't updated on that yet. heh :D

    If you're using Permanent dyes (salon-branded), then maybe give ur hair a 1-month break before dyeing again. Don't forget about protein treatment and deep conditioning.
    Hope this helps :)

  4. Can i know how long does the Directions dye last?(Especially for Turquoise) Still deciding whether to get Special Effects or Directions. Which do you suggest would be better btw?

  5. @Anonymous Generally, they last for about 2 weeks before they start fading. Some colors can last terribly long. SFX is much better than directions (especially Fishbowl, which is equivalent to turquoise). It's of course more expensive. :)

  6. Was considering fishbowl earlier on but after much research, i think i'll go for something darker in hopes that it doesn't fade too fast? Anyway much thanks ! Your blog is amazing :)

  7. @Anonymous

    Yeap. Turquoise is indeed hard to maintain :)
    Thanks :)